Best Chiropractors In Montreal Near Me

👩‍⚕️Kiroclinique Montréal chiropraticien Tonika Clinique Chiropratique - Valery Bergeron, DC Decarie Square Chiropractic Center Clinique Chiropratique Centre-Ville Viet Nguyen - C3VN Centre-ville Chiropratique Dr Lydia Ouldchikh, Chiropraticienne Vieux-Montreal/Chiropractor Old-Montreal Dr Jocelyn Sicotte, Chiropraticien/Chiropractor - Montréal Centre Chiro-Express Inc Chiroposture - Chiropraticien Montréal (Rosemont) Clinique Chiropratique Atwater Chiro Urgence Montréal Dr Winston Chan Chiropraticien Dr. Natasha Hayden BSc DC Clinique Dr Montagne, Chiropraticien Montreal Centre Posture-Equilibre

1. Old Montreal Chiropractic - Vieux-Montréal

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· 9 reviews

500 Place d'Armes Suite 1835, Montreal, Quebec H2Y 2W2, Canada

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2. 👩‍⚕️Kiroclinique Montréal chiropraticien - René-Lévesque



· 463 reviews

2075 Bd Robert-Bourassa Bureau #440, Montreal, Quebec H3A 2L1, Canada

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👩‍⚕️Kiroclinique Montréal chiropraticien: what do users think?

Lolo En voyage: . However, all health professionals are effective! I highly recommend this clinic. There is also massage therapy, in addition to chiropractic.

Andrew Pulsifer: Great service and expertise. Has gone a long way with helping me recover from injuries, pain and a concussion.

Raphaël Langevin: Having done several chiropractic treatments, Diana Al Ayoubi is truly exceptional. Almost as much as Bruno Larivière.

Philippe Doucet: Very effective! Dr. Lupien took the time to explain everything to me during my first visit, he also gave me specific exercises to do. I have already regained a lot of flexibility in my ankle and shoulder. I should have come instead! THANKS

Reda Goumache: Dr Simon had already treated my sciatic nerve problem and it was absolutely perfect after a few sessions the problem disappeared as I had difficulty standingAnd after a few years I come back for a back problem, being confident even before the resultThey are the best!

Raghda Chabouk: Dr Diana is very professional and really helped me. THANKS

Ihab Ibrahim: It's a great place, they're nice to deal with and the physicians know what they're doing.

Guillaume Chartier: I received an excellent massage from Maxime, very therapeutic and relaxing. I highly recommend!

Daniel Hô-Berger: Great place! Modern clinic very well located downtown. I was able to book 3 appointments within a week. Dr. Bruno Larvière is carefull and professional. I highly recommend this clinic and this chiropractor!

Justin Hetu: Simon was amazing! I have had back problems for years. He did some X-Rays do find the root of the problem, worked his magic and gave me exercises to help correct my imbalances. I can already feel a difference. AND the services are offered at a great price!

Camille L.: I have been followed by Dr. Bruno Larivière for years and I am still satisfied. He is friendly, truly listens to his patients and demonstrates impeccable professionalism. I recommend it to you without the slightest hesitation.

Marc-André: I had my first experience with a chiropractor with Dr. Julien and he helped me greatly with my neck problems. He took the time to listen to my problems and assess me before explaining the treatment he planned to give me. My neck pain was greatly reduced immediately after the treatment.I also consulted Dr. Bruno urgently and I was amazed by his professionalism and efficiency. His treatment also helped me after a sports injury.For the rest, the clinic is beautiful, clean and its employees are friendly. I recommend anyone to try it.

Frédérick B.: I've been going there for 3 years. Julien, the chiropractor is professional, attentive to needs and friendly. Satisfied customer! 5/5

Bianca Paquette: courteous and professional service

3. Tonika Clinique Chiropratique - Valery Bergeron, DC - René-Lévesque

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· 46 reviews

615 Boulevard René-Lévesque O bureau 610, Montréal, QC H3B 1P5, Canada

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Tonika Clinique Chiropratique - Valery Bergeron, DC: what do users think?

Pete Dawe: Dr. Bergeron’s treatment has relieved my back and neck pain. I now have a full range of motion and a new lease on doing the things I enjoy! I highly recommend Dr. Bergeron!

Fatima N: Dr. Bergeron has an excellent approach. I was very anxious about seeing a chiropractor especially with regards to neck manipulations. Dr. Bergeron took the time to explain different approaches used by chiropractors and adapted her approach to my needs. Her approach is soft but effective. We’ve seen results in my spine and neck and her exercises are easy to maintain. I feel a difference in my posture. She is also very pleasant to chat with and is genuine. Thank you so much for everything!

Erik Barabas: Valery has been treating me and my girlfriend. Always provides a great service and helps aleviate pain. She is very professional and knowledgeable. Definitely recommend if you're suffering from neck and back pain.

Emma Frejinger: I have lived with chronic back pain for many years and I have consulted several physiotherapists and chiropractors. Valery Bergeron was the one who helped me get completely rid of my back pain. Unlike many others, she works holistically. I recommend her to all of my friends. She's awesome.

sarahbgl: . 3 sessions and I am cured. THANK YOU!!!

Patricia Lafontaine: Valery offers impeccable service. Having recurring injuries, she offers treatments that allow me to be back on my feet after each appointment. I recommend it without a doubt!

Margo Melanson: Valery has been my chiropractor for 3 years. She is exceptional in her approach & listening. 30-minute appointment, manipulations/massages, exercise recommendations, etc. Don't hesitate, I highly recommend it.

Mister Hex: Valery is an exceptional chiropractor who transformed my life. His personalized care and holistic approach significantly improved my scoliosis and herniated disc, allowing me to return to a normal life. His commitment to overall well-being and his remarkable professionalism make him an invaluable reference for anyone looking for effective and natural solutions for back problems. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for lasting improvement in their health.

Rocky Tanuki: I have been seeing Valery for about two years to relieve a problem I have had with my back for several years. She's the only chiropractor I trust. Every time I have back pain, I go to see her and her treatments work every time! She is empathetic, respectful, gentle and above all, she is at the top of her game! I highly recommend it.

Adam T.: Dr. Bergeron is a dedicated and attentive professional, who adapts her treatments to the specific needs of each patient. His wealth of experience and his different techniques are effective in treating acute and chronic pain and his advice on strengthening exercises is very useful to complete the treatments and promote rehabilitation. It is a privilege to be able to count on such unparalleled professionalism and competence.

Marianne Huot: Valery has treated me in two places and she is a real magician. I was not inclined towards chiropractic and she really impressed me, I am now sold. Fairy fingers!

Charlotte M: I would definitely recommend Valery if you're suffering from neck, back or jaw pain. I was suffering from neck and jaw muscle spasms and her trigger point release methods provided me a lot of relief and helped relax my muscles. She is also attentive, and a great listener and will adapt her treatments to ensure you're feeling better ASAP; you really get the impression she cares about you and your well-being. She also gives you exercises to complete at home so you can streamline your rehabilitation.

Dhvani Gandhi: I have been going to Valery for over a year now and I cannot say enough good things about her. She is very professional, caring and knowledgeable. I originally visited her for lower back pain that I have had since a fall and then continued to visit her during my pregnancy. She not only helped treat my lower back but also helped me avoid any additional pains during my pregnancy. Valery is definitely one of the professionals who helped me have a healthy and positive pregnancy experience.

Filipa Coimbra: Simply great!Attentive, professional and super friendly.

WK: . I always feel much better after a treatment by her. She is not only fantastic at taking care of my pain, but she is also an honest, kind, compassionate person. She gives her patients a full 30 minute session, allowing time for questions and/or new developments. And, her rates are very reasonable.Highly recommended!!

Vanessa Boutin: I had been seeing Valérie for over a year and am so happy to have found her. She is very patient and listens attentively. I have a sports related back injury and had been struggling for years. The few chiropractors I visited before just gave me a quick solution but Valérie took the time to understand what the problem was. I haven't felt this relief in years. Now I know what the source of the problem is and how to deal with it. She is amazing I highly recommend her.

Mehdi Chalouh: Very good experience, a relaxing environment and Valery is very attentive. All manipulations are done very quietly and without forcing, I definitely recommend!

Supriya Kapila: Valery is kind, professional, knowledgeable and great with her hands. Highly recommended if you need Chiropractic support. She is also bilingual, and responsive on email in case of emergencies, which I really appreciated. I had a great experience with her!

4. Decarie Square Chiropractic Center - Savane

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· 10 reviews

6900 Bd Décarie #3123, Montréal, QC H3X 2K5, Canada

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5. Clinique Chiropratique Centre-Ville Viet Nguyen - C3VN - René-Lévesque

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· 152 reviews

1440 Saint-Catherine St W #402, Montreal, Quebec H3G 1R8, Canada

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Clinique Chiropratique Centre-Ville Viet Nguyen - C3VN: what do users think?

Jess W: I used to work in a daycare and carried children all day long. I also fell down a few steps while carrying my nephew in 2011. Nowadays, I feel the pain in my lower back. After 1-2 visits, my back is tiptop shape. Dr Viet Nguyen is extremely knowledgeable in his work! With one glance, he is able to immediately pinpoint where and WHY patients pain is located. I highly recommend!

Kaitlyn Hall: Dr Ahmed Nachi has been beyond helpful in supporting me in my goals to correct my scoliosis. His modern practices and passion for his work yields practical approaches to your unique problems. If you were hesitant, this is your sign.

Ferris Belk: Dr Nachi is terrific. He is extremely knowledgeable and personable. He carefully explained andcrafted a treatment plan that did wonders to my shoulders. I highly recommend him.

Sherifa Azzouz: I have been a patient of Dr. Viet Nguyen for over 6 years now.He is very competent and has always helped me relieve my back and lumbar problems. I started consulting him after a car accident which left me with after-effects on my back and pelvis. And he was the only one who was able to get me back on my feet after 3 years of suffering.I presented myself this morning on a Monday morning at his clinic without an appointment, because I had an extreme emergency "a blockage in the pelvis accompanied by unbearable pain" he did not refuse me and did everything possible to pass me between two patients despite his busy schedule! He unblocked my pelvis in a single session and relieved a lot of my pain.Thanks again Dr. Nguyen for helping me today and all the other times in the past too! A big thank you also to the entire clinic team who are very friendly, compassionate and professional 🙏 It’s rare to find compassionate doctors surrounded by a great team like yours!

PRISCILLA MORAIS: My experience was great! From the appointment to the end of my treatment.

Gigi Huynh: Best chiropractor I had. I was scared at first but Viet is such a professional that I trust him blindly.

Fayçal FH: I arrive with a stubborn physical condition with a tendency to deteriorate. Dr. Nguyen got me back on the road to recovery in just one 30 minute session, I feel much better. A big thank you!

sinda bach: Je suis extrêmement satisfaite des services du chiropraticien, Dr. Nachi. Il est gentil, professionnel et prend le temps d'expliquer toutes les informations de manière claire à chaque étape. J'attends toujours avec impatience mes rendez-vous avec lui ! Grâce à ses soins, j'ai ressenti un soulagement évident et une nette amélioration de ma santé. Je le recommande vivement !

Vincent Fitzbay: I am one of his first patients.He provides exceptional and very effective care.I haven't needed chiropractic care for several years but an injury struck me and C3VN was there quickly to get me back on my feet!Thank you so much!!!

Ibrahim Gurel: I had a terrible pain coming from my shoulder to my arm. Dr. Ahmed Nachi helped me tremendously just in 2 sessions. I wonder how come he is so competent and knowledgeable at such a young age. Even more importantly, he shows genuine care for his patients. He took time to explain me everything very clearly and answered all my questions. Definitely recommended.

Nippon Ng: Very good place to go in dt if you're looking for one of these . Chiro / accu/physio/massotherapie

Cristiane Martins: the service provided by Mrs. Acupuncture was magnificent.

Amine Bl: Dr nachi these really are something I have had a lower back problem for 2 years I looked everywhere before coming across dr nachi 😁

C Chow: I had very bad lower back pain to the point I couldn’t stand up straight or take deep breaths without hurting. I could not recall doing anything out of the ordinary. I was referred to Dr Ahmed Nachi. As a nurse, I’ve always been afraid and skeptical of having someone “crack my back” but after not being able to function, I couldn’t tolerate it and decided to see him.I don’t regret it for one second. Dr Nachi was very respectful, professional and explained everything in detail before he would do anything. He was patient and took the time to explain what he would do because he understood I was nervous . He did explain that one session would not completely solve my issue but it would gradually get better after a few sessions. I was able to stand straight after one session and with each treatment and session, my back got better and I was able to fully function again. I would definitely recommend him. The staff at the front desk was also very kind and professional at each visit.

R. John Torres: . He listened to her concerns and provided amazing feedback on what could be the cause of the issue. He got her back to work in no time and was very concise with the treatment plan and her road to recovery! Been a regular client ever since then. We visit every 4weeks for tune-ups. We recommend him to everyone!

Jamal Ibrahim: Dr Nguyen is amazing! Very knowledgeable and professional. Helped me through so many aches. Recommend C3VN and Dr Nguyen to whoever needs help with pain or posture.

Christian Cruz: I was told to see a Chiropractor. Dr Nguyen listened to what I had to say and was able to figure out what was the issue and how to fix it. Almost 2 years later, suffice to say that I have almost no pain or aching since my first diagnostic. Nothing but great people and amazing work!

6. Centre-ville Chiropratique - René-Lévesque

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· 158 reviews

1197 Pl. Phillips, Montreal, Quebec H3B 3C9, Canada

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Centre-ville Chiropratique: what do users think?

Jonathan Ferguson: Fantastic chiro!

Galen Leung: Convenient location and very easy to make appointment online.

patricia nadeau: Excellent service! Very professional. Gives good results. I am always well received. I used massage therapy and chiropractic services. They do complementary work and communicate with each other to individualize the treatment offered. I recommend!

sylviane dunn: Excellent welcome. Effective treatment from Dr. Duranleau that relieves me so much! A+ But unfortunately she left.

Romina Tejada: The attention is very friendly and professional. They have a student discount and after some therapy I was able to hold my baby again without pain.

Dana Loftus: Always good service!

Shahrzad Molavi: I have been going to this center for almost 2 years and I have always been satisfied with their service. I have had appointments with 2 different chiropractors and both of them were professional.

jacky bruchez: Very professional and flexible depending on availability

Melody Balaba: All the doctors and staff are really friendly. The doctors explained well my health conditions and answer all questions to ensure nothing to be worried. Thank you very much for the excellent service.

Gabrielle Lamontagne: Great clinic, both for massage therapy and chiropractic. Easy online appointment booking. And very attentive therapists.

Christian de Serres: Fast and effective relief

Jacques Morin: Always professional!

Magalie Laliberte: I am grateful to the chiropractors and massage therapists at Centre-ville Chiropratique because I have always received excellent care provided with great attention.

Michael K: Excellent clinic with a warm and professional care team. Chiropractic services are very well targeted and effective, I always see a significant improvement following my visits. The reception at the clinic is welcoming, and the place is bright and pleasant. I highly recommend.

Laurence C. Bernard: and each time it feels incredibly good.Whether for pain of this kind or for preventive treatment, Dr. Dauphin listens to his patients and will not prescribe treatments if they are not necessary.

Nathalie Joanis: I have been treated at this clinic for a long time for various ailments and have always had excellent results. I definitely recommend Dr. Dauphin.

7. Dr Lydia Ouldchikh, Chiropraticienne Vieux-Montreal/Chiropractor Old-Montreal - Vieux-Montréal

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· 19 reviews

507 Place d'Armes SS 100, Montreal, Quebec H2Y 2W8, Canada

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Dr Lydia Ouldchikh, Chiropraticienne Vieux-Montreal/Chiropractor Old-Montreal: what do users think?

Laurie N: Dr. Lydia is simply amazing. She helped me a lot with my back pain, she is extremely knowledgeable and attentive to our needs. The appointments are complete and efficient. I definitely recommend it!!!

David Tardif: Fantastic experience with Lydia; she's is very professional and dedicated to well being of her clients. Just a fantastic experience. Thanks a lot

Manon Doucet: After several months of neck pain and headaches, I decided to try chiropractic. I chose Dr. Oulchikh among all the chiropractics in greater Montreal because she seemed like THE person who could help me. Well...from the first appointment I felt the benefits of his treatment. She is EXTRAORDINARY. Listening, emphatic, competent, generous...and so on. She has magic hands. Thanks to her, I regained a quality of life that I had lost. Thank you Dr.Lydia Ouldchikh.

Florian Bentouhami: . I'm already looking forward to my next appointment! Given its success, its schedule is filling up quickly, don't waste time and book your appointment now!

Simard-Lavoie Camille: Dr. Lydia is a very attentive and dedicated professional. I consulted several chiropractors and I fell in love with them. I definitely recommend it.

Evelyne Mottais: I consulted Lydia for hip and back pain. I felt the benefits of the treatment immediately after and the following days. Listening and very gentle, I highly recommend.

Hanaa Taleb: Dr. Lydia helped me tremendously with my back and neck pain following my pregnancy/birth. She listens, she takes her time and she is extremely competent!

Albert Virgile: I was going to write a long review about how kind Dr Lydia is and how I was struggling with just walking on the day-to-day basis, how she doesn't just do adjustments but also incorporate stretching, blading, massage etc...I feel immediately better right after seeing her. I drive an 1 hour and a half to go see her including paying for parking. If that doesn't speak volume to how good she is then I don't know what does. So I'll simply say for now from my experience that SHE IS THE BEST!!!

LASER LOFT: Lydia is really nice and knows what she is doing! Excited to follow up on my sessions!

Domkid: I had a nerve issue causing pain near my hep and leg. Dr. Ouldchikh not only explained very well what was going on, but helped eliminate the problem in one session. I went back for a follow up because I wanted to show the progress, and that's that. I'll continue my stretches she gave me from the first session and she told me I don't have to come back if the results continue this way. She's super informative, professional and truly is trying to help. Very happy!

Francis Lesperance: Best Chiro in Montreal!

janyck beaulieu: Excellent chiropractor, the best out of the half dozen I have been treated by.

Mya B: Very attentive to his patients and effective care for a rapid and independent return to normal. Thank you very much Dr. Ouldchikh for the quality and effectiveness of your care!

K: chiropractors over the course of my life; Dr. Lydia is truly exceptional and her muscle work is second to none - she shows knots no mercy.She takes her time with each client to a degree that's atypical in the industry, her passion for her work and candor is refreshing. If you're debating and weighing your options, look no further; she's the practitioner you want.Thank you, Dr. Lydia!

Vincent How: . After each session, if necessary, she provides exercises that I can do on my own to fix any discomfort.Her booking and payment system is very customer-friendly and never had any issues with them. Would recommend Dr Lydia to everyone!

Selma Brahami: One of the best doctors who ever treated me. We feel her passion for her work and in addition to the treatments, she gives exercises to do at home. I'm definitely more aware of my posture now. I highly recommend her!

Thibault Cuvelier: I was lucky enough to come across Dr. Lydia, I had been followed by different specialists for 1 year to resolve a thoraco-cervical joint problem.Lydia is a competent professional as it is rare to find in the field of chiropractic these days, she will take the time to treat the problem at the source and not only on the surface as I have seen in the past.As a Kinesiologist, I could only recommend her in the event of spinal or motor nervous / musculoskeletal problems!

Kandy: Instant RELIEF! 🤩So easy to book and very flexible hours/cancellation policy.Lydia is down to earth, friendly, and knowledgable.Highly recommended if you're looking for a Chiro in Montreal. You'll feel light as a feather after the treatment with her and you'll sleep like a baby!!

8. Dr Jocelyn Sicotte, Chiropraticien/Chiropractor - Montréal - Lorimier

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· 93 reviews

4135A Av. Papineau, Montréal, QC H2K 4K2, Canada

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Dr Jocelyn Sicotte, Chiropraticien/Chiropractor - Montréal: what do users think?

Mylène St-Jean: I highly recommend Dr. Sicotte. He is professional, methodical, concerned about his clients and truly friendly. I am very satisfied with the care received. After a few sessions I was able to resume my daily activities and gym workouts without feeling pain in my lower back and leg. My tension is also gone in my neck and trapezius. I choose to continue receiving treatments once a month for prevention and because they do so much good. These are truly exceptional treatments. Thank you very much to the best Chiro!

Pocahontas: Hello, I'm sharing my story with you.Being 32 years old I thought for a while that my life had just changed forever and unfortunately not for the positive. I had so much pain in my neck and shoulder blades that I had difficulty driving and that's not to mention my right arm was starting to lose mobility, my thumb and index fingers so numb that I had no choice but to stop working because I was unable to write. Following several consultations, a magnetic resonance and prescribed medications with an operation diagnosis. During my many sleepless nights due to my pain I finally found Dr. Sicotte on the web and after reading several testimonials I decided to contact him. The next day I had an appointment and after explaining the options available to me, I decided to start the treatments. After 3 months of effort that I will never forget, today I can say that it changed my life because I was finally able to regain my mobility, stop my medication and return to work. I wanted to share my story with you because if only I can help someone who suffers like I suffered, it will give me the greatest pleasure to know that I may have guided someone in need. Thank you Dr. Jocelyn Sicotte!

Walid Laouar: An exceptional and caring doctor, a researcher serving the well-being of his patients, a generous and profoundly good human being.Doctor Sicotte's treatments are a therapy for the body and mind that I want to dare to describe as unique in Quebec.You fully deserve your excellent reputation, Doctor Sicotte, and I am delighted to read all the sincere thanks from your patients in the comments, to which I would like to add my own.Thank you for your kindness, your dedication and your time Doctor Sicotte, doctors and people like you are rare!

Bisofication BKL: He's one of the best humans I've encountered in my life. He's passionate, well experienced, and up to date with the latest technologies and medical researches out there.I'm in no pain but would love to visit in a heartbeat.- Mr Kalalib

Lu Wang: Highly recommend Dr.Sicotte for his exceptional kindness and communication skills. He's attentive, addressing concerns with patience. My back pain significantly improved after five sessions, allowing me to return to the better lifestyle. Ideal for anyone needing a caring, skilled chiropractor. My partner and I are enjoying the exercises he is giving us.

Alexandra Cociorva: I would like to express my feeling of deep gratitude to Dr. Sicotte for his excellent therapeutic care which saved me and relieved my chronic lower back pain.In my forties and after 6 years of physical suffering and stress, I was finally diagnosed with mild foraminal stenosis at L4-L5, but with disabling symptoms on a daily basis. I had pain on the left side, referred to as sciatica from the lower back along the nerve to the toes, numbness, muscle weakness, difficulty walking or sitting for long periods of time, and limping after walking for 15 minutes. minutes.I began my long journey of trying classic treatments and approaches from phisiatrists, rheumatologists, physio, osteopaths, acupuncture, exercises, anti-inflammatories and opioids – without any change in my pain. I was desperate: seeing a chiropractor was my last hope.From the 2nd session and with the Cox technique, which is not very painful, I was surprised to notice that my lower back pain reduced by 20%. After a month, my unbearable sciatica was reduced considerably, I don't have a limp at all, which is a miracle for me. My plan for January is to return to sport and move more without being constrained by pain.Dr. Sicotte is very kind and professional with a talent, in addition to being a great listener with his patients. I was very impressed and gave me confidence. I recommend it 100%Thank you very much, doctor! Happy Holidays !

Sylvain Jourdenais: Listening takes time explaining properlyI don't feel like a patient but like a friendThanks doc

KAP GAME: My father obtained excellent results 10/10

Michel Trempe: Моя спина имела привычку запираться без всякой видимой причины — будь то вставание с дивана, игра в карты или надевание ковбойских сапог. И снова 11 июня 2022 года, находясь на даче, у меня неожиданно заклинило спину. Я не мог даже разрезать помидор на столе или выпить бутылку воды. Девять дней спустя, 20 июня, боль стала настолько сильной, что меня пришлось госпитализировать. Мне сделали рентген и сказали, что у меня дегенерация фасеточных суставов. Они выписали мне рецепт на морфин, а также на противовоспалительные препараты и миорелаксанты.Я связался с доктором Сикоттом и встретился с ним 11 июля. Он посоветовал мне сделать МРТ.После трех сеансов я избавился от боли. Я рад сообщить, что лечение, которое я получил, избавило меня от болей в пояснице в течение последних 16 месяцев.

Caroline Patsias: , локте и запястье. Я надеюсь, что однажды смогу снова плавать. Спасибо доктору и смелости всем пациентам, посылаем друг другу позитив.

Nas ro: Доктор Джоселин Сикотт не только исключительно добрая, но и прекрасный собеседник. Он нашел время, чтобы задать правильные вопросы, искренне проявляя интерес к моим проблемам, и ответил на все мои вопросы с величайшим терпением. У меня были постоянные боли в спине, пока я не посетил доктора Джоселин Сикотт. Всего за шесть занятий моя боль значительно уменьшилась, и я вернулся в спортзал.Если вы ищете мануального терапевта, который искренне заботится о благополучии своих пациентов и обладает исключительными навыками, я искренне рекомендую доктора Джоселин Сикотт.

Baptiste A.: Перед визитом к доктору Сикотту у меня была проблема с позвоночником. За три сеанса я вылечился. Я очень рекомендую его всем, у кого болит спина.

Ayman: Я обратился к доктору Сикотту, потому что у меня были боли в пояснице и ишиас. Он задал мне несколько вопросов по телефону и попросил меня сделать МРТ, чтобы лучше узнать, что вызывает проблему, прежде чем я действительно увижусь с ним. После МРТ и посещения доктора Сикотта он объяснил и показал мне, что у меня грыжа межпозвоночных дисков. Мы начали лечение, и после первых двух сеансов я увидел огромные улучшения и гораздо меньше боли. Он действительно заботится о вас и хочет помочь, и я никогда не видел мануального терапевта, который действительно нашел бы время, чтобы объяснить мне, что вызывает проблему или почему у меня болит, как это сделал доктор Сикотт. Спасибо, доктор! 100% рекомендую

Eric Bertrand: Удивительный

Sean Caissie: Я начал обращаться к доктору Сикотту по поводу серьезных проблем в области спины L3-L5. У меня было ужасное электричество и жжение в левой ноге, боль в пояснице, и я не мог поднять большой палец на ноге. Хромать от боли и нервно ожидать следующего случайного удара в спину стало моей новой нормой. За три посещения я восстановил подвижность пальца на ноге на 50% и жжение в ноге исчезло. За шесть посещений электричество в моей ноге сократилось до небольшого участка. Хотя случайные импульсы боли/электричества в моей спине продолжаются, их частота и тяжесть значительно уменьшились. Я снова могу быть мобильным без страха. Мое выздоровление, скорее всего, будет долгим, но полученные на данный момент результаты вселяют во меня большой оптимизм в отношении будущего! Доктор Сикотт — поистине одаренный мануальный терапевт, искренне заботящийся о своих пациентах. Я бесконечно благодарен за заботу, которую он мне оказал.Спасибо, Док!

Doris Cappiello: «Сообщение, написанное моим партнером Жаком»: Около 3 лет назад я перенес грыжу межпозвоночного диска поясничного отдела, которую лечили, но около 10 месяцев назад болезнь постепенно вернулась, не позволяя мне заниматься своей обычной деятельностью, включая мой любимый вид спорта - гольф. У меня была боль в ягодице, которая распространялась по ноге до пятки. Я консультировался с разными медицинскими работниками, физиотерапевтом, массажистом и мануальным терапевтом, но без видимого успеха. Затем мне порекомендовали доктора Джоселин Сикотт, специалиста по грыжам межпозвоночных дисков и седалищному нерву. Он попросил меня прислать ему МРТ, чтобы поставить обоснованный диагноз. Он объяснил ситуацию и предложил мне лечение по методу Кокса. После нескольких процедур я начал чувствовать небольшое улучшение. И примерно после пятнадцати процедур наступило сильное улучшение. Я смог возобновить свою обычную деятельность без боли. Я очень рекомендую его и, при необходимости, без колебаний обращусь к нему снова. Спасибо, доктор Сикотт.

9. Centre Chiro-Express Inc - Vieux-Montréal

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· 29 reviews

800 Rue du Square-Victoria, Montreal, Quebec H4Z 1A1, Canada

Address Website WhatsApp
Centre Chiro-Express Inc: what do users think?

Sandy D: I have been a patient of Dre Marie-Hélène Boivin for close to three years. She is excellent, professional, and has helped heal painful lower back issues, knee and ankle pain through her mastery. I have read the reviews below and I have never seen or ran into the “painted hairline lothario” mentioned below, the staff has always been professional and serious about their service. I have recommended Dr Boivin to all my friends/ family who could possibly require a chiro. I highly recommend her services.

Maude St-Amour: Dr. Rioux is exceptional as is Louise! Thank you for everything!

Meriem KACIMI: I had a lower back injury. A doctor recommended that I see a chiropractor to help me heal faster and properly.Dr Simon-Pierre Riou took care of me the same day as my injury. We took x-rays and he explained all the concepts and next steps to me. I started intensive care 3-4 times a week and after a week I started seeing huge progress.In a short time I was well again and the pain was gone. To this day I see Dr. Simons to make me 100% recovered.The center is very clean, the staff is very respectful.I highly recommend Dr Simon-Pierre Riou.

Michel Dufour: Well located for me and the services provided were beneficial

claire patenaude: Very satisfied with the treatment, my pain and inflammation following plantar fasciitis has disappeared! Thank you very much Dr Talbi

YUL Pronos: Dr rioux is the best !

Gabriela Passos Braz: Very good service.

Scherazade: I am followed by Dr Simon Rioux and I recommend without hesitation! Excellent Chiro, he was able to reduce my back pain which had been present for years!!

Manal Errougui: Dr Rioux is very attentive and attentive. I went for my back, neck and rib problems, a few sessions later my pain disappeared and I gained mobility. I highly recommend it.

Anna Myronenko: I came to Dr Lee following a recommendation from my friend, who could not move her arm and whom Dr Lee helped to bring her arm movements back. I had a knee and lower back pains, plus stiffness in my neck - Dr Lee helped me a lot, pains are gone and I feel so much better now.One of my friends got rid from severe migraines with the help of Dr Lee. He is a very good professional, attentive and friendly. I very thankful and happy that I met Dr Lee.The only thing I would say about this type of treatment is that you have to be patient and give it a time, especially if you had serious problems. Doctors can fix you but it is your body that needs to accept those alignments, for some people and cases it just takes longer...

musica acisum: Love the staff there! The ladies at the front do their job perfectly. I love going there. Dr Marie Helene Boisvert is amazing , I love her approach, I love her touch and she is a great doctor with amazing "bedside manners". Thank you to CCE

Amélie D: I highly recommend Dr. Rioux! He is an excellent chiropractor, very professional and very attentive. My tension and chronic pain in the trapezius, neck and back disappeared after around ten sessions, I gained mobility and my posture also improved.

Camille Gouin: Dr Lee est super sympathique et il me semble être des plus compétents. Les employées à l'accueil sont adorables. Les mesures de la Covid-19 sont très bien respectées. Les lieux sont propres et bien situés. Il est facile d'avoir un rendez-vous selon nos disponibilités. Bons rabais étudiants sur l'examen et les rendez-vous. Je recommande fortement.

Daniel Glushakov: The best of the best. Amazing chiropractors, amazing masseuses, and just an overall great staff.I highly recommend coming here.

Marc-Antoine Gauthier: I had terrible pain in my upper back. I called for an emergency consultation and had my appointment the same day. Doctor Rioux took charge of my case. He gave me a diagnosis and suggested a series of treatments. His treatments did me enormous good and I had positive effects from the first days. I have now regained my full mobility.I sincerely thank Doctor Rioux and his team for treating me.Overall, the service is excellent, the receptionist very nice and Doctor Rioux keeps the conversation going. The cost is all in all reasonable. I highly recommend them.

10. Chiroposture - Chiropraticien Montréal (Rosemont) - Rosemont–La Petite-Patrie

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· 83 reviews

6201 Av. De Chateaubriand, Montreal, Quebec H2S 2N5, Canada

Address Website WhatsApp
Chiroposture - Chiropraticien Montréal (Rosemont): what do users think?

samuel lachapelle: I wanted to share with you my experience with Dr. Hamza Beghdadi, chiropractor, because it had a very positive impact on my life.Being a skeptic by nature, I suffered from back pain for a long time. However, last year I decided to invest in myself and consult Dr. Beghdadi. It turned out to be the best investment I ever made.For almost six months now, I've been sick a lot less often, I sleep better, I'm in a better mood and I have a lot more energy. Dr. Beghdadi takes the time to explain the recommended exercises and treatments in detail, which has allowed me to understand and better manage my back problems.In addition to his chiropractic care, Dr. Beghdadi also offers workshops and conferences which are very interesting. These events allowed me to learn more about spinal health and ways to maintain a healthy back.I would also like to warmly thank Marie, the receptionist, who always welcomes us with a big smile and answers all our questions with patience and professionalism.In conclusion, I highly recommend Dr. Beghdadi and his team to anyone who is undecided. Their attentive approach and quality care make all the difference.

marco marangi: I was treated by Pascale Dion, and I can say that she treated me and resolved my problems in a professional manner, where many others had failed.Thank you so much

GifiMarS: Dr. Fortin is not a magician. And yet he brought magic back into my life. He reshaped a posture that had always been failing while arousing hope. My gratitude to him is eternal. But be careful not to be misunderstood; he laid the foundations of a new postural balance and sowed the seeds of change. The rest is the power of the mind and daily work which allowed me to open the way to a new life without pain and tension. Dr. Fortin has opened the doors, are you ready to go through them?

Félix Hodara: I had lower back pain that had persisted for several months, probably due to years of working seated in less than optimal positions. Nothing seemed to relieve them, after seeing several physios without results, I decided to try chiro, and the least I can say is that I don't regret it.I immediately felt confident during my first appointments, careful diagnosis, complete x-ray of the spine, Joel is professional and competent. After a few weeks of treatment, the pain had already almost disappeared, and we quickly moved into a phase of maintaining the gains.Certainly it's a budget, but I would make the same choice again without any hesitation, my quality of life has greatly improved and I would recommend it with my eyes closed to anyone suffering from back problems.I will also add that the entire team is extremely friendly, and the clinic is always welcoming and relaxing.A huge thank you to the whole team, you are the best.

Simon Benazdean: I am a patient of Doctor Joël Fortin! I went to the clinic for upper back pain! I have been doing my sessions for 2 months now and I am extremely satisfied with the results!Dr. Fortin and his staff are super kind and welcoming!I highly recommend !

Julia Pierre: to my muscular pains which had lasted since over 4 years I said “no! ". I then tried the Chiroposture clinic which had been eyeing me for a while. I was extremely suspicious and constantly stressed about “being fooled” as I had met other specialists who could not do anything for me. Ultimately, Dr. Dion did an extraordinary job and gave me my life back. Tell you how handicapped I felt. Going to Chiroposture was one of the best decisions of my life for my health and I thank Dr. Dion and Dr. Fortin for their work.

Christophe BALMY: and their professionalism!I recommend :

pendar shams: Very friendly staffs, very progressive treatments.I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this place.

Isabelle Gosselin: Dans cette clinique, on se sent en confiance rapidement. Ce sont de vrais experts qui prennent soin de nous avec bienveillance. Pascale Dion et son collègue travaillent efficacement. Ils font preuve d’écoute et d’ouverture. Ils prennent soin de nous offrir des exercices adaptés à notre condition et une correction posturale en prime. C’est comme un tout inclus!

Angela Maria Buitrago Arias: Visiting this place changed my life in an exceptional way. Treatment with Dr. Fortin allowed me to improve my health and become more aware of my posture. Thank you very much for your excellent work!

Ganesh Baron Aloir: Great service. Their care allowed me to improve my posture and relieve my chronic back pain that had lasted for years.

Doris Suntaxi: When I started my treatment I had difficulty walking normally and I had pain in my lower back. After some visits and a daily exercise routine I started feeling better and having a normal routine. Thank you for your treatment.

11. Dr. Mathieu Lim, chiropraticien - Rosemont–La Petite-Patrie

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· 16 reviews

110- 3300 Bd Rosemont, Montreal, Quebec H1X 1K2, Canada

Address Website WhatsApp
Dr. Mathieu Lim, chiropraticien: what do users think?

Abdo Rezrazi: Dr Lim is a true healthcare professional, extremely competent and knows his profession very well.Thank you Dr for your support, I highly recommend it!

Sylvain Lebel: Mathieu takes care of my whole family and he is efficient. My son competes and it has been a great asset to his health and performance.

Mel Felix: Looks promising!! Looking to book for next week for sure

Jessica Lapensee: Mathieu is super kind and attentive.Extremely competent, he is also passionate about his work and always provides exceptional service.I highly recommend it!

Olivier Alvarez: Best Chiro in town!

Guylaine Germain: After a first meeting with Dr. Lim and my old pains were already relieved! Dr. Lim is passionate and professional. He is interested in his patients as humans, he is curious and invested.

Eval: Excellent service and above all with professionalism. He helped me a lot with my bad posture and my back pain.

Guillaume: I have visited many physio, chiro, ostheo, and other health specialists over the last few years as part of different sporting activities.I would simply like to say that Mathieu Lim is the most competent and professional person I have had the chance to meet in terms of paramedical services.In addition, he is someone who is passionate about sports and is involved in his community by sometimes participating as a volunteer in different sports activities.I will recommend him to all my friends/colleagues/strangers that I meet and who need to meet a specialist. Sincerely, - Guillaume

Kevin Robertson: Excellent service. Quick appointment, Mathieu is professional and courteous.

Murshed: Easy to book with the website and professional service.

Jim Cam: Best experience ever

Daniel Beaulieu: Excellent service, Dr. Mathieu listens to the client and is very professional!

12. Clinique Chiropratique Atwater - Petite-Bourgogne

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· 18 reviews

2228 Rue Saint-Antoine O, Montreal, Quebec H3J 1A7, Canada

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Clinique Chiropratique Atwater: what do users think?

ann margaret Gero: If I had to recommend a service to improve the quality of your physical health, I eat with your back and general overall body I would highly highly recommend Dr. Simon. This is my testimony.

Olga Bilous: Thank you Dr. Simon for helping my mom today and excepting us during the weekend. My mom had a strong back pain and after a session with Dr. Simon she is feeling way better. It was very painfull for her to walk and after one hour of treatment she feels big difference in her back pain. ❤️

Miss B: Don’t look further, he’s the best.

Rav: Dr. Simon provided excellent service, listened carefully to the issues I was having with my back as well as helped to find a way to get to the root cause. I have been to many different chiropractors in different cities and by far this was the most effective holistic approach to health care. Adjustment and deep tissue muscle treatment. I highly recommend this clinic as well as the receptionist Chantal is wonderful, caring and booked my appointments last minute. But it is expensive, the cost is double compared to the rest of the clinics. I was charged $240 for 1 hour and 45 mins. This makes it difficult to continue receiving treating at this clinic.

Eric Campbell: After a year of various ailments and pain no doctors could figure out a friend recommended seeing Dr.Simon. Through his knowledge of myriad practices, kinesiology, naturopathic, chiropractic, and a deep understanding of the science of the human body, I've been able to get back on my feet and gain strength and find the root causes of my issues. Have worked with him through cardiovascular and lymphatic blockages, adjusting my diet and aiding my metabolism, finding exactly what vitamins and tinctures my body needs through his naturopath treatment, and mechanical adjustments. It's a bit like seeing all the practitioners at once. Can't recommend enough. Am finally on the mend after a year of chronic pain.

Titian Titiam: Real results

Metodi Igorov: Simon is not just Chiro. He's a magician or he comes from another planet. Here's the story: I had terrible knee pain. The medication didn't work, I couldn't sleep. In short - hell. I see him, he tells me that his approach is different and I quickly noticed it. He did some checks and suddenly he said to me: I found your problem. Interestingly enough, he touched me on the shoulder and said it's done. The pain subsided a little, but the miracle happened during the night. First I slept and in the morning - no knee pain. Already three weeks later - no more pain. Soon I'm going to see him for back pain. We are going to test it on an injury that has been going on for a long time. I don't believe in miracles, but when they happen, it feels good.

Régine Nicolas: Dr Simon is very professional he's a good listener and very polite,his secretary she very polite and he knows what is doing I spent a lot time doing physio, Ergo,and acupuncture I still had pain my colleague referred me to him that was incredible when I went to do chiro when he was started with my ankle the pain was intense I can't even walk always limping before I left the office I started walking with no pain thank to Dr Simon I restarted my full time job I extremely recommend without hesitation people to go and see him his has magical hands ✋ I am very thankful to have him on my path

Mohamed Amir: It was amazing 🤩 very effective results from first scienceI am very satisfied with your work and I will continue my follow-upthis is the place where you will even gain advice and things that you will keep all your life well adjusted to your health problem.Thank you Dr Simon

Guillaume L: best chiro I have seen

Maria Torrealba: Amazing!!! I had never been that better that fast after a lumbar pain… it usually takes about 2 weeks to get better and about 1 month to get back to normal. This time after the first appointment I was already able to walk and bend and 5 days later for my second appointment I had 0 pain and pretty much back to normal life 😃 I even got many tips to start running again!

Clarissa Diomi: Honestly very nice and very efficient.My husband had back pain for two days 8 out of 10 pain when he went to see Doctor Simon, my husband came out of there with 0 pain I recommend it. THANKS

William-Olivier Masson: Very professional approach, the main focus is on the patient and making sure the results are there to stay. After the first session, my neck and shoulder pain were greatly reduced, I even felt like «back in the days», before my injury. I would definitly recommand Dr. Simon Tanguay to anyone in pain. There is hope!

Christelle Bois: After a long period of lower back pain, accentuated during my pregnancy, and repeated visits to different specialists without any results... I had just one session with Simon and my pain completely disappeared! This being linked to poor working posture, he was able to respond effectively to my problem. Thank you very much and I continue my sessions with always the same success!

Maxime: I was unable to work for 2 days due to a back injury - barely able to bend/move without pain. In just one visit I was able to resume my activities the same day! Thanks Simon!! M.L.

J M: and I'd see incremental improvements doing so and I'm hoping eventually it will finally resolve the issue.He is passionate about what he does, which means sometimes he'll run 10-15 minutes late, but also means he'll spend the right time with you. Just means, don't schedule something too tight right after your appointment in case this does happen.

13. Dr. Sima Goel | Decarie Square Chiropractic Wellness Clinic - Savane

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· 43 reviews

6900 Decarie Blvd, Montreal, Quebec H3X 2K5, Canada

Address Website WhatsApp
Dr. Sima Goel | Decarie Square Chiropractic Wellness Clinic: what do users think?

Prabhjot: She is so good in his field. I was so much in pain but she made my life easy in just few visits. I would recommend everyone to make a visit for once if you are in need. Thank you

Fiona Sookwa: Dr.Sima is the only Chiropractor you need in your life. She takes the time to understand her patients ans treat them accordingly. She is extremely knowledgeable and kind. She has changed my health for the better. Grateful to have found her!

Anaïss mouna Khene: I just came back from Dr Sima’s office, I suffer from terrible back pain, honestly I feel like I just came back from a magician office, I feel sooo light and good in my body. Dr Sima is such a great soul, she really listens to your health problems and knows what she is doing. I highly recommande and will be redirecting all my family to her. Thank you again Dr Sima.

Jen Dacosta: I began seeing Dr. Goel six weeks ago due to frequent headaches, and she has been incredible. She took the time to understand my situation and offered her recommendations. I am thrilled with the results; my headaches have significantly improved, allowing me to live a normal life again.

Irina Vdovici: I recently visited Dr. Goel for my back pain, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. The chiropractic care I received was exceptional, providing much-needed relief and improved mobility. Dr. Goel’s expertise and personalized approach made me feel comfortable throughout the entire process. I highly recommend their services to anyone seeking effective relief from back pain.

pooria sedigh: Dr. Goel patiently listens and examines you finding the root cause of your issue. I believe her knowledge and expertise is amazing, personally I felt relief after just the first session. Also, her optimism gives you a sense of cheerfulness about your body and life.

Ramzi Chamcham: . Highly recommended.

Fadwa lakhal: Dr sima is a nice, friendly and professional person full of positive energyI had shoulder stiffness and back pain, but she was able to diagnose other issues related to my posture that i never remarkedAfter few adjustments i can feel improvement and i don’t have anymore tension on my shoulder or back pain like beforeI don’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone needing a professional chiropractor

Keaton Olanzo Boyce-Babb: This was my first chiropractic experience which i was very nervous about and I must say it was beyond my expectations. During the process of determining what my discomforts were and what was causing them I grew very comfortable and confident in the abilities of Dr. Goel. I felt the relief in my body immediately after my appointment. I would recommend this place to any and everybody.

Tani Fitcova: God is all-knowing, yet loving, forgiving, understanding;a father, mother, beloved, to all, at all times.

shivalee Shukla: Dr.Goel she has very good experience and knowledge which she has showed during first time assessment for heath. I am feeling quite better after my first appointment. Thank you

F D: for years, and it's really painful. No places I have been have accomplish what she did in one appointment. Looking forward for more sessions.

J Haubrich: She’s a godsend. First visit and already feel so much lighter and loose. Definitely number 1 chiropractor in MTL

Bineta: Dr. Goel is simply amazing. She works miracles. I went there for several problems, including back pain, neck pain... which I have had for several years. I can tell you that after one session, the result was there. I haven't felt this good in a very long time. I recommend 100%.

Elena Petrova: I am very pleased with the treatments of Dr. Goel. The problems that I 've had for years are gone just after a few adjustments : my neck, back, arm and even constipation. I sincerely recommend this doctor. Thank you Dr. Sima for your professionalism and kindness!

Kersik: My father came to see Dr Goel for his health problems. But like Dr Goel says, its your body telling you, its time for you to heal! And that's its done for me

Maggie Lopez: I went to see Dr. Goel because I sprained my ankle and couldn't walk. Dr. Goel made me realize that I was living with back and neck pain without really realizing it. During the session, she relieved my stress and I felt immense good, I left a heavy weight that my body had carried for years in Dr. Goel's table. I have seen psychologists for my stress, but one session with Dr. Goel is worth more than 10 sessions with the best psychologist.I highly recommend a visit with this wonderful person.Thank you very much, Gracias Dr. Goel.

Michael Forde: . After passing through the entrance, continue to walk straight until you get to the stairs/escalators and go up to the second level. On this level, head straight walking past the security desk and the Dollarama off to the right. Keep going until you see another flight of stairs going up just ahead. Go up the flight of stairs and turn left. Head straight down the corridor until you reach her unit #3123 on the left hand side. I hope all of this helps.

Yurii: I had a fantastic experience with Dr. Goel. From the moment I walked in, I felt welcomed and comfortable. Dr. Goel's expertise and effective adjustments provided quick relief from my back pain. What impressed me a lot was her holistic approach, which included educating me on how chiropractic care can benefit not only my spine but my entire body.The practice is clean, well-maintained, and offers flexible scheduling options.I highly recommend Dr. Goel, thanks to her I'm now pain-free!

14. Chiro Urgence Montréal Dr Winston Chan Chiropraticien - Sault-au-Récollet

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Not verified
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· 21 reviews

850 Rue Fleury E, Montreal, Quebec H2C 1P4, Canada

Address Website WhatsApp
Chiro Urgence Montréal Dr Winston Chan Chiropraticien: what do users think?

Angela Yip: Very nice guy. He helped me a lot. Thank you very much Dr Chan.

Hillary He: so I could recover in 2 days! It is really appreciated!

S CC: Best there his

Marilou Maisonneuve: at the end of the morning! And another meeting 2 days later. The same day of my first appointment, I was still in pain, but the next morning I was much better! A clear improvement.I consulted for back pain related to breastfeeding and carrying my newborn. This pain prevented me from making several movements or it was very painful when doing them. I also had pain when breathing! Dr. Chan diagnosed me with 2 displaced vertebrae

K A: Best emergency service, really good doctor. Thank you very much for helping me !

Marie-Soleil Legault: I contacted on a Sunday morning received the same day. I had sciatic nerve pain for two years.and low back pain. From the first visit, a huge relief. I can't believe I waited this long. Very good service, he knows what he is doing. I trust him and highly recommend him. I continue my treatments with him. A big thank you

Marco Dominique: I feel 10 years younger. Thank you for the professionnal service and the follow-up.

Ferry B.: I was 8 months pregnant and made a bad move so my back blocked. I wasn't able to walk properly nor do anything at all! After two days of resting without any improvement, I found Dr. Chan's number and contacted him because it was mentioned that he takes patients without delays. I called on a Saturday at 12pm and he was able to see me at 1:30pm the same day! Not only did he see me super fast but he was able to fix my back in only one treatment! I am usually very sceptic and had a very negative experience with a chiropractor in the past, but Dr. Chan takes the time to listen to you and will do his absolute best to fix your problem. I am so glad I saw him! Even though I do not have private insurance, I will gladly see him if I have any other musculoskeletal issue. I highly recommend him!

Anaïs Hlr: Contacted on a Saturday morning at 8:30 a.m., meeting at noon.Displaced vertebra, it really relieved the pain which was intense.Thank you very much for the speed of support.I highly recommend !

Youssef Fichtali: Thank you again Dr Chan for your availability on an emergency Saturday and for your professionalism! Excellent experience and very good mastery! I highly recommend!

Sebastien Belanger: I took it without an appointment and without a file on a Saturday and unblocked my neck, thank you Doctor Chan!

Jenny Bradley: I called Dr.Chan on a Sunday morning and had an appointment within 2 hours. Dr.Chan was extremely professional and took the time to explain my condition and the techniques he was going to use. I didn’t feel rush and felt like my condition had dramatically improved after only one appointment! Highly recommend.

Thien-Kim Lam: Great service and very professional!

Gabrielle van Dongen: Dr. Winston Chan chiropractor is a reliable and very professional person. I absolutely recommend it!

Paula Colmenares: High quality service! Highly recommended.

Mee-Rang Ricard-Bouillon: It works miracles every time! I highly recommend it!

Claude Rico: Professional, he knows what he is doing and we see results from the first treatment. I suggest it to everybody.

Victoria Chan: I got an excellent service. He answered my call on a Saturday and he fixed my neck. He used gentle technique and he didn’t cracked my neck. I have no more pain now. I am very satisfied.

savannah tardif: Dr. Winston Chan chiropractor is very professional and attentive. I recommend his services.

Lilla mara Chan: I recommend this clinic. The doctor is available and attentive. He was able to see me on a Saturday. I thank him for his help and professionalism.

15. Dr. Michael Wexel, Chiropractor/Chiropraticien - Vieux-Lachine

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· 63 reviews

18 Avenue Westminster N #110, Montréal-Ouest, QC H4X 1Y9, Canada

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16. Chiro - Parc-Laurier

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· 4 reviews

5071 Saint Denis St, Montreal, Quebec H2J 2L9, Canada

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17. Chiropratica - René-Lévesque

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· 16 reviews

666 Rue Sherbrooke O, Montréal, QC H3A 1E7, Canada

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18. Dr. Natasha Hayden BSc DC - Snowdon

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· 26 reviews

4950 Queen Mary Rd #310, Montreal, Quebec H3W 1X3, Canada

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Dr. Natasha Hayden BSc DC: what do users think?

Aisha: Dr. Hayden is a sent angel! ❤️ I was suffering from back pain for a very longtime & was put on meds. Already on my first visit with Dr. Hayden, I felt my back pain had gotten better. She is so calm, so attentive, very professional & knowledgeable. Her personality makes you feel at peace immediately. I highly recommend Dr. Hayden.

Rodrigo Passos Marques: Excellent professional with very good methods! She is so attentive, and always ready to evaluate the patient’s needs. Two sessions and my lumbar strain was gone! I definitely recommend her !

Gabrielle: I recommend Dr. Hayden without hesitation. She helped my baby a lot with his torticollis.

Brianna Dee: I saw Dr. Hayden through my entire pregnancy and she helped so much with my SPD troubles. Now I take our little to see her as well, and she’s so patient and gentle with her. We love Dr. Hayden and can’t imagine going anywhere else for our chiropractic needs.

Thalia Dabda: .HIGHLY recommend!!! :

Leanne S: Dr. Hayden is the most wonderful and caring person. She is warm, welcoming, and explains everything she's doing, which is especially nice for a first timer with some chiropractor anxiety!I highly recommend her to anybody who is considering a chiropractor. She will make you feel at ease and comfortable at all times. She really deserves 6/5 stars!

Audrey Autmezguine: We love her and recommend her 100%

Nausica: Extraordinary chiropractor!Quickly understands the needs, the first time I went, there was no change, it was the second time that I felt the change: the next day the pain had decreased by 60%.Dr Hayden is kind and very human. I wholeheartedly recommend it ❤️

Lx M: Dr. Hayden has been a total lifesaver. From my first appointment, she has been nothing but professional, compassionate, and holistic in her approach. She is incredibly knowledgable not only within the realm of chiropractic but also healthcare at large and evidence-based scientific practises. She goes above and beyond to accommodate and address your every need, and never fails to listen to her patients’ needs before working with them to find the best treatment solution. I’ve had a hard time feeling heard and supported in the healthcare system; however, Dr. Hayden is the first practitioner that’s truly changed my relationship with my health. Above that, she has created a safe space where all folks are welcome. As someone who’s struggled with pain management my entire life, for the first time, I feel more in control. I am super grateful to have found Dr. Hayden and even continue to recommend her to friends and family.

Isabela F Karam: Dr Hayden is a godsent. I’ve been seeing her every month for the past year and a half, and it’s been truly life changing. My back pain was so bad it used to keep me up at night, and now I sleep like a baby!She has a holistic approach to health care and really listens to her patients. She’s the first healthcare practitioner I’ve ever had that consistently checks in with me to see what my goals are for each treatment session. I love that she also gives you accessible exercises that you can do at home to maximize the benefits of your treatment. AND she has the smoothest scheduling system I’ve ever come across in healthcare + is super well-priced. What else could you ask for?I generally hate going to the doctor but I always look forward to my appointments with her because I know she’ll make me feel heard and help me address any pain I might have!If you’re looking for a new chiropractor, STOP LOOKING AND CALL DR HAYDEN!! (:PS this is a safe space 🌈 ✨

Taly: Dr Hayden is wonderful she is amazing at what she does and always makes me feel great when I finish getting a adjustment, she is very knowledgeable and works on the areas that have some tension build up, I always feel lighter when I leave her office. Thank you Natasha 😊

Miu Kuen Lee: I have a lot of lower back pain due to carrying the kids durning and after the pregnancy. Natasha helps me a lot and her treatments are like an instant relieves. I cannot recommend her more.

Wakim Kafidi: Best chiropractor in Montreal . I highly recommend .

Aurela Delibashi: I have been taking anti-inflammatory pills for as long as I can remember for my neck and lower back pain. Chronic pain was a constant in my life – especially after the office work day. I have been seeing Natasha for about two months now, and I am thrilled to share that my chronic pain has disappeared. WOW, thank you, Natasha. You have changed my life.

daryll john pil: Dr Hayden is amazing. Ive been suffering from lower back pain for over 2 years now and it has gotten worse in the last month so i finally sought professional help. I had immediate relief after one session. I had my 3rd follow up session today and ive gone from being in pain 7 days a week to having a slight discomfort 1-2 days a week. As long as you do the recommended workout and stretching she prescribes paired with her bone cracking techniques then you will definitely feel the difference.

Nikki Aguirre: Dr. Natasha Hayden is very recommendable! She's very knowledgeable and could give you different resources to address your concern like YouTube channel or helpful videos that you can follow at home. I could say I'm 100% relieved from pain and feeling of having dislocated joints after every session leaving me that very light feeling! It's funny how it's always surprising!

Soriano Narag Trifonia: Dr. Natasha Hayden is a heaven sent, I've been suffering from back pain due to work accident, I've gone to different treatments but nothing compares to Dr. Natasha's hand that works with Wonders. Thank you very much!!

19. Clinique Dr Montagne, Chiropraticien Montreal - Sault-au-Récollet

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· 79 reviews

750 Boul Henri-Bourassa E #2, Montreal, Quebec H2C 1E6, Canada

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Clinique Dr Montagne, Chiropraticien Montreal: what do users think?

richard ulloa: I recommend Dr. Montagne to everyone who is looking for better health, whether their back, neck or pelvis or otherwise. Trust the process!

moi lortie: I was coming from afar. The pelvis slightly advanced. Crushing discs.Great challenge for Mr. Montagne.I didn't believe it that much. But seriously, I feel better than I did several years ago.Trust him and you will greatly appreciate it.

Gael A: Very satisfied with the care provided, was able to determine the source of my back emails and quickly correct them

Lise Levesque: I had on and off lower back pains for years, and then had a trigger made it constant for months. It led to trouble with everyday movements with sharp terrible pains. Simply standing caused aching throughout my body. I then started seeing Dr. Montagne in April 2023 that brought me relief and results. Since my treatments with him, it has been a tremendous improvement! I highly recommend Dr. Montagne, thank you and Chantal for all your help!

Quang Phi Pham: Very satisfied with the professionalism and results at Dr. Montagne's clinic. The team is very friendly, punctual and responsive to my needs. We can always contact them for urgent “corrections”.

Zazou Auguste: J'ai été très souffrant avec des douleurs au bas dos tous les jours à n'en plus finir. J'ai trouvé la clinique Dr Montagne sur le Net et je l'ai essayée. Je suis heureux de vous dire que, dans environ 6 mois de traitement, mes douleurs ont disparu à 100%. Je vous recommande la clinique Dr Montagne pour vos douleurs chroniques et vous ne serez pas déçu.

John Sakell: Dr. Montagne is amiable, personable, with good doctor/patient rapport who can provide results to the benefit of the patient. He will listen to you very patiently and offer you the best possible advice. After my treatment for sciatica the pain has all but disappeared. Highly recommended.

William Furtado: I started seeing Dr.Montagne twice a week in January 2023. At the time I was in a tremendous amount of discomfort. I couldn't sleep and was having a hard time concentrating. Intense tingling and numbness in my legs, feet and left arm. Dr.Montagne and Chantal are wonderful. I am almost 100% back to my old self and it feels great. I highly recommend Dr.Montagne. He's the real deal. Thank you Dr.Montagne and Chantal!

IllFatedOne 05: I went through many chiropractic clinics over the years and one hand has too many fingers to count the good ones. Clinique Dr Montagne is definitely one of the bests. Dr Montagne, with his expertise, is easily trusted and I find his care precise and effective. The welcoming and understanding Chantal at the front desk always leave me with a positive attitude. All in all, I have a great and lovely experience there.

Daniel Trimarchi: Great service, everyone is nice and welcoming. Affordable and knowledgeable. Would recommend 100%

Angele Rose Ankouad: Wow!I can't believe my days are so beautiful without chronic bone and muscle pain!I found Dr. Montagne’s clinic online and from the first day I was amazed by the service. Chantal, the secretary, is a sweetheart and Dr. Montagne has undeniable expertise.After 6 months of treatment, I feel the difference.I took my daughter who is also satisfied.Thank you so much!

Marco Tornatora: Tremendous improvement with my back issues. The plan set forth from Dr. Montagne was accurate and simple. Highly recommended.

Khara Ray: An absolutely amazing Chiropractor!! I have scoliosis, one leg longer than the other and a straight neck —and after about a year of seeing him the improvement in all 3 is tremendous. I’m finally not always in constant pain. I couldn’t have asked for a better Chiro!!

Geneviève Brien: I am more than satisfied with the services of Dr. Montagne. Thanks to his expertise, I no longer feel pain in my back and neck, without taking any medication. After consulting 3 specialists, Dr. Montagne was the only one who found the cause of my pain and offered me effective treatment that helped me feel better and enjoy more of the moments that are so precious to me. Its clarity also allows me to better understand the treatment. In addition, making an appointment is always quick and easy. The welcome at the clinic is great.

Mohamed ourabah Hachour: Un vrai professionnel, grâce à l’expertise et au diagnostic du Dr Montagne, j’ai pu retrouver une vie saine, et sans douleurs, vraiment très efficace. A salué également l’excellente approche de Chantale qui sait toujours comment rassurer et accommoder les gens, au final oui je recommande vivement aux gens d’aller consulter Dr Montagne. Merci.

maher abilmouna: Glad i found this place, had back issues for a while and this treatment was the first time that i felt like it was improving. Timely and efficient!

Nadia Romvary: I had pain in my lower back for years. I couldn’t bend or get out of bed without experiencing acute pain. I had never seen a chiropractor and Dr. Montagne came highly recommended by my cousin. Since first starting treatment with him in May of 2022, the improvement has been tremendous. I no longer feel any pain or experience back spasms.Dr. Montagne is a true professional, very knowledgeable and efficient. He performs an x-ray and then discusses a plan to follow, curtailed to your specific needs. He explains the process in detail, which is extremely helpful and reassuring. Chantal, his assistant, is kind, helpful and very accommodating.Thank you Dr. Lamontagne and Chantal for your kindness, dedication and 5 star treatment!

20. Centre Posture-Equilibre - Parc-Jarry

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· 56 reviews

69 Rue Gounod, Montreal, Quebec H2R 0A3, Canada

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Centre Posture-Equilibre: what do users think?

Martin Saulnier: I have been attending the center for several months now. I received chiropractic and massage therapy care there. There is a perfect balance between expertise and relaxation in this place. Each time I came out in a much better state than when I arrived, both physically and mentally. Thanks to Ève, Samuel, Cindy and Marike for their insight, their generosity and their welcome.

Caroline Sencey: I recommend Cindy Laporte for the massages: the massage relaxed me perfectly, a moment out of time!Cindy knows how to put you at ease straight away, and you feel a perfect knowledge of the body and tensions. As a bonus, I left with lots of good advice to improve my posture on a daily basis!

Alexandre Drouin: I recommend Samuel Voyer if you want to have a proactive approach to pain prevention and understanding how your muscles function according to your daily life and your sporting activities. I also made a last minute appointment with Yasmine and it was excellent!

MrJohn Smith: Outstanding service! Easy to use website for making appointments.I recommend !

Carminda Mac Lorin: Excellent services, totally recommended! THANKS !

Laurence Möller: Wonderful experience with Dr. Beauchesne.👌

Caroline Clavel: . Finally, Cindy at reception is great. Very pleasant and professional. In short, a great team.

Julie Wawrzyniak: Dr. Beauchesne treated my back problems and I am very grateful to him. I had been having pain for years and despite several approaches, nothing worked. On the masso side, Samuel Voyer is a pro. He connects with the human body and his therapeutic massages are the best.

Gina Adolphe: I have known this clinic since 2010. Dr Ève Besuchesne is very competent and relieved me of cervical muscle pain and a few years ago of lumbar spasms. A mention of excellence to his administrative assistant Cindy for her warm welcome and her collaboration for a quick appointment. I totally recommend this clinic. Thank you from the heart . Gina xxx

Abdennour Daikha: Three years ago, I had back pain, I got rid of it after three sessions, the last of which was a wonderful massage. THANKS.

Marie-Dominik Langlois: and affordable prices

Belle Popol: Excellent chiropractic and massage therapy services offered with great professionalism. THANKS.

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