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Gad Pariente Ginzburg Legal | Criminal Lawyer | Avocat Criminel Montreal Canadim - Canada Immigration Lawyers S. Zalman Haouzi Avocat Saguy Barchichat Allen Madelin Avocats - Lawyers Franklin & Franklin Montreal Lawyers Andrew Barbacki - criminal lawyer KALMAN SAMUELS, Avocats / Attorneys Inc. Attorney Renaud Dery Spunt & Carin - Divorce & Immigration Lawyers in Montreal Andrew H. Heft KLM Immigration Law Stephane Cohen Criminal Lawyer | Avocat Criminel Montreal Goldwater, Dubé Keyork Immigration Law Maurice Lasry - Avocat et Médiateur accrédité | Attorney and Accredited Mediator

1. Gad Pariente - Vieux-Montréal

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· 86 reviews

83 Saint-Paul St W, Montreal, Quebec H2Y 1Z1, Canada

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Gad Pariente: what do users think?

George K: Mr. Gad Pariente is a very professional and responsive immigration lawyer. He effectively assisted in our family sponsorship process.

Shueri Lai: Very professional , helpful and knowledgeable attorney !

CGV: Update:Once again, Gad comes through.. Helped me get my passport.If you are looking for the "best of the best". Look no further than Gad!!!!Thank you so much !!I have never met Gad, I live in Maine. However, my dealings with him, have been nothing but "the best". He's a gentleman, true professional.Helping me garner my citizenship in Canada. Should I be lucky enough to receive my citizenship, its solely because of Gad.I guess the saying is right; "You will be Glad with Gad!" So hopefully, we have his slogan now. "Run Gad Run" for office.

Ghis Sorgho: The best Lawyer I have met. Listening to his customers and dedicated to helping them. You will not be disappointed there.Thank you again Mr. Parienté.

mohamed adel: Mr. Gad is one of the best I met in my lifeCareer wise as a lawyer he is so professional and very talented precisely one. Personal wise is polite and very kind. All total is the perfect choice to deal with. My best regards

Daniel Mantey: Gad is best immigration lawyer I have ever seen.He is the only lawyer who cares about his clients and calls you to remind you if there is a deadline for something you need to submit,I really appreciate his patience and will always recommend him to anybody who need a good lawyer.

Fouad H: Maitre Pariente is very professional and reliable..One of the best we worked with..

Michael Lee: Mr. Gad Pariente was very thorough and always there to answer questions. Very happy with his services.

Randriamanalinarivo Guy: Thank you very much Master!

Hanieh Alipour: He is one of the best lawyer that I met in Montreal. He did a great job during my immigration process. Highly recommend him.

Michael Marks: He was a great help in this process, he was always by my side and was always ready to answer all my questions

Anthony Soler: Thank you again for your help Mr Pariente, Permanent Residence obtained today.

Maharo Guy R: Thank you very much to Me Pariente for the work he did. He helped us through all the process. He made it very smooth and was always supportive. We highly recommend Me Pariente.

Ish Rajpal: If you want it done quick and fast! Get Gad!

Mohammad Jundi: Mr.Gad ParienteI would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to you for all the care and concern you have shown me, and for working tirelessly to ensure that the law worked in our favor. I know you have a lot of clients, so your prompt responses and attention to detail really meant a lot to us. If it weren’t for your analytical skills and knowledge, the Permanent Resident wouldn’t have been settled by now. Thank you for your support, professionalism, and wonderful advice you gave us throughout this difficult time. You are such an amazing lawyer!

2. Ginzburg Legal | Criminal Lawyer | Avocat Criminel Montreal - Vieux-Montréal



· 92 reviews

424 Saint Francois Xavier St, Montreal, Quebec H2Y 2S9, Canada

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3. Canadim - Canada Immigration Lawyers - Ville-Marie

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· 387 reviews

1455 St Mathieu St #100, Montreal, Quebec H3H 2M4, Canada

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Canadim - Canada Immigration Lawyers: what do users think?

Latex Nemesis: . Jasmine was able to help resolve these and also guide me on how all the different ways to help move things along when the IRCC was un-responsive. Without the help of Canadim I would be most likely still waiting for my residency with all the mistakes the IRCC made and delays. I highly recomend Canadim, especially since they know how to handle the IRCC when the IRCC is taking to long or if the IRCC makes errors in your application processing.She guided me through the entire application process. Everything was reviewed and checked before submittion which was extremly helpfull as I was unsure on some of the forms or did not know how to correctly fill them out. She ensured everything that was submitted was perfect.Anytime I had questions I was able to reach out no matter what with no additional fees.I finally recieved my permanant residency today and I believe the costs of Canadim to help you through this complex application process is well worth it and the best value for the money, especially if anything goes wrong on the IRCC's end.

HAMID AITAFKIR: Good morning,I am very satisfied with the service and support provided by the CANADIM team throughout the process from file submission to obtaining the VISA.A very big thank you to JOANNA VALDIVIESO for her continued support and who demonstrated unprecedented professionalism, without forgetting NAWAL BOUDHAR, SOUKAINA LAHRECH and INES KABANI.

Anass Azaga: Working with Ulysse Fiorito for my Canadian immigration process was a truly exceptional experience. Their professionalism and expertise made the entire process seamless and stress-free.From the beginning, Ulysse took the time to understand my needs and concerns, creating a personalized plan for effective treatment.What impressed me the most was Ulysses' proactive communication. They kept me informed throughout the process, giving me peace of mind every step of the way.Their professionalism, expertise and customer focus make them an exceptional choice for immigration challenges. Thank you for everything you have done for me.

elhoussaine amrani: A special thank you to Mr Renault Dery and the entire Candim work team for all the efforts they have made with all the professionalism and know-how.In my turn, I will continue my professional career with the Canadim firm and the steps to obtain permanent residence and Canadian citizenship.I recommend that anyone wishing to immigrate to Canada contact the Canadian Immigration law firm.

Lily Layug: Thank you so much for your invaluable assistance with my application/processing since day one. Your expertise and dedication have truly made a significant impact on reaching my goal to work for a greener pasture which is Canada.I am extremely grateful for the level of professionalism and quality of work you have provided. Your timely delivery and attention to detail have exceeded my expectations. I appreciate the convenience and diversity of services from Maam Galia,the whole team and Canadim.In addition I want to express my gratitude to Maam Galia for being the bridge between my employer and I as well as for the confidence and belief that I am the best candidate for the role that my employer is looking for. I will forever be grateful for the help I received in making my dreams into reality.Salute to Maam Galia and to the whole team of Canadim.God Bless your agency.

Antonio Borraccino: The times are long due to bureaucratic issues and I entered Canada therebut all in all good with the CANADIM staff they help you.

Jessica Arguin: I would love to share an exceptional experience I had with Nav.From the moment I contacted him, Nav demonstrated professionalism and deep expertise in immigration matters.What stood out most was his genuine care for me. He truly took the time to listen to my concerns and provided clear, thorough explanations. This level of personalized attention made me feel confident and reassured during what can be a daunting process.Thank you Nav for being so patient with me.

Harmanjit Singh: Very professional and helpful in the journey of my pr file ,I really appreciate and recommend this firm for any immigration service. Thanks alot DERY sir and Madam kim .

Sherif Mustafa: I recently had the privilege of working with ULYSSES FIORITO and AMIRA L. DRIAS from Canada Immigration Lawyers for my immigration-related requests. I cannot express enough how grateful I am for their exceptional services.Special thanks to Ulysses and Amira for their support for almost 5 months and for resolving two different immigration cases very successfully.If you're looking for a compassionate, knowledgeable, and dedicated immigration lawyer, look no further than Canada Immigration Lawyers – they truly are the best in the business!

Elizabeta Sarakinceva: I can't express enough gratitude for the incredible service provided by Canadim Immigration Lawyers. From start to finish, their team displayed unmatched professionalism, expertise, and dedication in helping my family and I relocate from Europe to Canada seamlessly. They navigated the complexities of the immigration process with ease, keeping us informed every step of the way and addressing any concerns promptly. Thanks to their tireless efforts, we now have the opportunity to build a new life in Canada. I highly recommend Canadian Immigration Lawyers to anyone seeking reliable and efficient immigration services.

Aymen: I just wanted to take my time to express my gratitude to Nav Francis. He was very professional in our phone consultation and answered all my queries very clearly. I am looking forward to working with Canadim very soon.

mian abrar: Good

mohamed ali hammami: I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Mr. Ulysse Fiorito for their assistance throughout the work permit application process. His professionalism and diligence was outstanding, and I am extremely grateful that my license was approved, thank you so much for all your support.

Youssef Laklach: Big thanks to the entire Canadim team, particularly to Ulysses Fiorito for his professionalism, competent, clear and attentive and for his support throughout the process.My experience with Canadim was extraordinaryThanks a lot

April Lopez: During my time of desperation with the immigration process, Canadim and Jasmine Tan specifically helped me when I needed it the most. I will forever be grateful for them for helping me with my PR application and I urge anyone that needs help to consider Canadim for their services.Jasmine made sure that all of my documents and information were in order, always had a clear line of communication open with me in case we needed to discuss anything, and responded quickly if I had any questions or concerns throughout this long process.I am forever grateful for Jasmine and Canadim's help because without them, my immigration story may not have been a successful one.

Obsa Abdala: By submitting this assessment form, you agree to receive important immigration news and updates from Canadim.Submit

4. S. Zalman Haouzi Avocat - Vieux-Montréal

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· 61 reviews

84 Notre-Dame St W #200, Montreal, Quebec H2Y 1S6, Canada

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S. Zalman Haouzi Avocat: what do users think?

Tiana Malone: Pleasant, easy to communicate with, honest and straightforward. Gave us sound legal advice, had reasonable rates, and quick, efficient service. Would certainly work with him and his associate again.

john smith: Zalman Haouzi is a fantastic lawyer. His thorough research and attention to detail while preparing paper work to submit to the crown was excellent. He took initiative in ensuring I had the absolute highest chance of victory. Throughout the whole case he had my priorities first. He would go out of his way to increase my odds of obtaining a criminal discharge and he was in fact able to obtain it for me! A huge victory for both of us! He provided me quite reasonable rates for the 'over the top' service he provided. He was always happy to answer my phone calls when I had a quick question, and would make himself available for meetings with me quite easily.All this to say Me. Zalman Haouzi is a fantastic lawyer that proved to be an awesome quarterback for me in my criminal case. He was able to fight for me and ultimately helped obtain the result of a criminal discharge giving me a second opportunity to live life without scrutiny of a criminal record. Many thanks to him and his team!

Sylvain Lussier: J'ai reçu un service impeccable de la part de Maitre S.Zalman Haouzi . Pour moi ce qui étais important étais d'avoir une personne qui me représentais et croyais à 100% en moi. C'est ce que j'ai ressenti tout au long de mon épreuve. Je me suis senti appuyé et surtout très bien conseiller puisque dans certaines situations il est facile de laisser monter la grogne et il a réussi a me calmer.

Joshua Gm: In 2023 had the privilege of being represented by Zalman, and I'd like to share my experience. Not only is he an outstanding lawyer, but he is also an extraordinary human being. Zalman possesses a unique blend of professionalism and genuine empathy that sets him apart, and underscores the best of what a legal professional can offer. Throughout my legal journey, he demonstrated unparalleled expertise, compassion, and attention to detail, ensuring that I was not only well-informed but also comfortable with each step of the process. The peace of mind he provided me with in what was a very emotionally trying experience is something I will forever be grateful for. I could not recommend him enough!

Farida W.: I just want to thank Zalman for everything.. If it wasn’t for him, my legal case would have turned out very differently and i really would not be where i am today.. He is highly professional, attentive and patient. He is also a thoughtful, kind, sweet man that genuinely cares about the people around him and im so thankful and grateful for having met him.. I strongly recommend him, you will not once be disappointed.. Once again, thanks so much for your dedication and hard work Zalman.. It’s greatly appreciated and will never go unnoticed. Was such a pleasure working with you. Take care. 🙂

Xiaojun YAN: I strongly recommend Mr. Haouzi! When my case started last year, I did some searching and comparison. I felt that he was the best lawyer for me. And now, the result of the case has proven my thoughts.Mr Haouzi is a very professional and experienced lawyer. All steps of the process were organized very well. He gave me a lot of clear and useful advice, and helped me to prepare everything as well as possible. He is also a very kind man. His amazing communication helped me go through my case with less anxiety.I really appreciated his help. All good now.

Mairin Hicks: He is probably the best lawyer in Quebec. My bf was in a terrible situation and Mr. Haouzi truly did his best to get us out. He helped us in many ways not just our legal matters. Being someone who used to get in trouble majority of my life I can truly say he is the best. I have never met a lawyer who truly does care for his clients and works really hard to get you the best outcome. I highly recommend him. He honestly saved us from a horrific situation he was worth every penny! also a huge thank to Michael for always informing and keeping us up to date. These to men are truly angels. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being so kind , caring and understanding ❤️❤️❤️

Baba: 10-star service….First and foremost, I feel like I owe all of you for sharing my experience working with M. Haouzi and his colleague M. Aarenau. Thanks to your positive Google reviews, I was reassured that I could take a leap of faith to assign Zalman to handle my files.I was accused of an assault where I acted in self-defense, unfortunately, I was not treated as a victim but a suspect instead. The police automatically blamed me as a suspect without pursuing any further investigation. Although I was innocent, at that point, I needed a great lawyer to help me fight the case and that's when I contacted M. Haouzi. He took the time and listened to my side of the story and he believed that I was telling the truth. Therefore, he was compassionate and reassured me that he would help me get justice.Zalman kept his word, he and his colleague Micheal worked excessively hard on my file, They wrote a representation to build a profile and searched for evidence to back up my story. Based on their tireless efforts and the evidence they presented to the court during negotiations, the prosecutor decided to drop all charges against me and the case was entirely dismissed.I am forever grateful to Zalman and Micheal for taking my case and solving it in the best way possible which led to a far greater outcome than I could anticipated, I couldn't be happier.I highly recommend M. Haouzi and M. Aarenau and encourage anyone who gets wrongly accused in any situation, to not hesitate to reach out to Zalman and Micheal. They are by far one of the best attorney firms in the city, they're trustworthy, professional, compassionate, dedicated, and hardworking individuals. I have been thrilled with the great results and I haven't been disappointed ever since.

catalin vacaru: , the judge clearly agreed with M. Haouzi’s position. Subsequently I was acquitted of all the charges. If not for M. Haouzi fighting for me, if not for M. Haouzi being such a great lawyer, I could likely be convicted for a crime I did not commit. M. Haouzi is not only a great lawyer, but he is also a great man. During our meetings we discussed many other problems in my life, many of them not related to our case. He always had good advice to give to me. M. Haouzi will always be one of my best friends. Thank you so much for all you did for me. My door will always be open to you. And not to forget, thank you also to M. Michael Aareneau, M. Haouzi’s colleague, who always was ready to give support when needed.

Brandon Collymore: very pleasant!!

Jo Clint: a remarkable outcome .. I will forever feel in debt to Zalman after what he’s accomplished for me .. Truly a wonderful, professional, caring lawyer. I spoke to a variety of lawyers before I met Zalman, and he really did stand out. With the outcome accomplished for me, I was really shocked. Now I’m stress free and forever so thankful. AAA+ service. Incredible team of helpful lawyers on his side as well !

Usman Qureshi: It was a really good experience. I am really glad that i went with them.

divaNArt: !

nada bouzlafa: situation and have given me a discount for that matter. I was in a rush since I did not have much time, and he took all his time to answers all of my questions, concerns, making sure that I have understood everything and that I have no more questions to ask. We did not even meet face to face and normally I am not confortable when it is only online, but he is very reassuring and I felt confident enough with him. He is very trustworthy, I can Assure you that. Also, I felt that he was doing all his best to solve my situation that was actually a perfect success. Again, I would 100%n recommend him all the way! You can trust him with your eyes closed! Very happy and satisfied client!

Style Identity Shift: I talked to nearly 20 different lawyers and had almost given up.Each lawyer claimed to be dedicated and go above and beyond to win the case for the client.My adult son and I were both facing criminal charges. Having never been in this situation before, I felt completely out of my depth.I knew that having a good lawyer who could hear my side, come up with creative solutions and think outside the box would make it possible for us to find freedom again.I didn’t know this was even possible.Then I found Zalman.In my work as an online entrepreneur, I instantly connected with the content on his website.His client-centered focus on collaboration made an instant impression on me.I was not just a number to Zalman. He addressed me by my name, took a personal interest to hear my side of the story and tailor made a creative solution to achieve the best possible outcome for my son and I.Zalman and Michael were able to build a winning case in which my son could be seen and heard as his Best Self at court.Without his help, my son would still be facing serving 25 years in a federal penitentiary. He was miraculously released after serving only 4.5 months in prison.As for me, I would be facing the likelihood of having a criminal record, thereby severely limiting my career and travel prospects.I miraculously received a discharge and 100 hours of community service.I can’t thank Zalman and Michael enough for putting himself in my shoes with his compassionate approach and going to bat for me and my son in ways that exceeded my expectations.I highly recommend Zalman and his team to anyone facing criminal charges who is in need of an expert lawyer who can get you reach the best outcome possible.Sincerely,Annie

Ryan MacDonald: I have worked with Zalman a few times over the years. I have found him to be very professional, timely and honest. He treated my concerns and issues with great attention. I wouldn't hesitate to recommended him to anyone in the future. Thanks again!

Varman Kulasinkam: Mr zalman and Michael have helped me so much through some tough times, I thought I wasn’t going to get through much, but they brought me through along way. I sincerely recommend! The comments speak for itself, nothing but honesty and help.

Ram Narain: I would say the best criminal lawyer in Montreal is Mr Zalman Haouzi. When I called him first time, he gave me assurance and security that he can handle this case very strongly in a perfect manner. He is very professional and he knows what he is doing and talking about . I felt like I am in right hands and right place. His fees is very genuine. The good thing I like about him was that he always reply to me in a way of text, email or call if he was busy before. He even attended my calls sometimes after office hours when he doesn’t have to. That shows me his generosity. I would strongly recommend others to retain him and he will take care of you at his best. He puts all his efforts on his clients and their needs. He helped me till the last moment in my case. Salute to Mr Zalman.

5. Saguy Barchichat - René-Lévesque

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· 197 reviews

1255 Bd Robert-Bourassa #401, Montréal, QC H3B 3B6, Canada

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6. Allen Madelin Avocats - Lawyers - Le Plateau Mont-Royal

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· 60 reviews

4621 St Laurent Blvd, Montreal, Quebec H2T 1R2, Canada

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Allen Madelin Avocats - Lawyers: what do users think?

Katrina Escobar: . I called Allen Madelin. Spoke with Andrea- very helpful. Had a consultation with Dorin. Received all the answers to my questions, going to admit i have a very litigious case but none the less Mr. Holban was very helpful. Sometimes he takes long to answer my e-mails but the work he did was worth it.Thank you very much Team Allin Madelin and Mr. Dorin

Helene Leblond: Maître Marie Madelin is a lawyer with great listening skills. He is an available, hardworking and persevering person. She put us at ease from the moment she met her. She took the time to study our dispute and advised us on various solutions. We salute his dedication and compassion during this conflict. Maître Marie Madelin is an intelligent, generous and honest person. She put a balm on these difficult times.Helene L.

richard sellman: Tuesday April 2, we met Maître Marie Madelin in her office. A hundred leagues from these large, cold and gleaming offices, dripping with a façade of professionalism eyeing your savings. The place is simple and warm, the atmosphere is relaxed and the people welcoming, without excess, natural. But make no mistake, here, we are not trying to impress you, no arrogance, we are sincerely trying to help you and find the best and cheapest solution for you. If I had to make a parable, it is not the taxi driver who, in a big city that you do not know, will make endless detours to increase the price of the trip, no, Maître Marie Madelin goes straight to the purposeful, frank, intelligent, human. If you don't need her to solve your problem, she will tell you. Her goal is not to drag you into expensive procedures if she doesn't see the need. Its goal is to help you. She is lively, insightful and masters her law.In any case, for this first meeting, which I found, moreover, affordable, my wife and I were pleasantly surprised and happy to meet this warm person who does honor to her profession.We plan to continue with her as soon as we have gathered the necessary documents.Tuesday April 2, we put Maître Marie Madelin in her office. A hundred leagues from these large, cold and gleaming offices, dripping with a façade of professionalism eyeing your savings. The place is simple and warm, the atmosphere is relaxed and the people welcoming, without excess, natural. But make no mistake, here, we are not trying to impress you, no arrogance, we are sincerely trying to help you and find the best and cheapest solution for you. If I had to make a parable, it is not the taxi driver who, in a big city that you do not know, will make endless detours to increase the price of the trip, no, Maître Marie Madelin goes straight to the purposeful, frank , intelligent, human. If you don't need her to solve your problem, she will tell you. Her goal is not to drag you into expensive procedures if she doesn't see the need. Its goal is to help you. She is lively, insightful and masters her law.In any case, for this first meeting, which I found, moreover, affordable, my wife and I were pleasantly surprised and happy to meet this warm person who does honor to her profession.We plan to continue with her as soon as we have gathered the necessary documents.

Tcho 2k: The best prices I have experienced with very fast service. I highly recommend Me Dorin Holban for family law

Malika Lela: A team that listens, is efficient and professional! Thank you very much for everything; I felt supported, accompanied and understood. Your efforts and desire to represent me was evident throughout the process.

Maya Masley: Great law firm. Me Kone was of great help to me. I couldn’t ask for a better service.

Anne-Laurence Milot: Thank you to the entire team at Allen Madelin Avocat. Excellent service, very professional and efficient. Throughout the process, communication was clear and timely.

Yonika Brault: Our experience with the Allen Madelin team was superb. Outstanding communication and extraordinary expertise. A special thank you to Me Koné, his personality and his rigor dazzled us!

Koldo Arruartena: Me Carrier is always attentive and is incredibly kind.

Laurie-Anne Lebel: I was very satisfied with the services provided by the team at Allen Madelin. Their divorce lawyers are truly excellent!

Samuel Dallaire: The Allen Madelin law firm offers exceptional service, with a special mention for Me Kone. His professionalism and dedication are remarkable. She closely followed my case with remarkable expertise, providing precise legal advice and effective solutions. I highly recommend the Allen Madelin Firm, particularly Mr. Kone, to anyone in need of quality legal representation.

Juliette Gallant: Excellent and very professional service from Me Koné!!!

Dan M.: I used Allen Madelin law office to help me manage my Dad’s estate, which just finally concluded. I have to say that they were always straight forward and honest with me about what the process would involve and about how long it could take. I am quite happy with how things went - even shorter than they predicted - and I was impressed with their knowledge and experience. I would recommend them to anyone who needs some help with an estate, or in fact, even with anything that Allen Madelin specializes in.

Jean-Rock Cote: The staff at Allen Madelin is very efficient, professional, attentive and friendly. Congratulations to the whole team.

Boris Kirilenko: Everything was done well and quickly. I was pleased with the speed and quality of the work

Pavel Salas: Thanks a lot to Timur he helped me to find an answer to my case even that I was not sure the way I need to take it.I can really recommend this agency and specially him as he really looks at you as a person and not just a nameless case.

Irina Panteleeva: Good company, good people

Statical Lamb: Everyone is super friendly and helpful. Especially Me Madelin, she guided me through the documentation and explained everything clearly. She responded to any questions or concerns I had always with my best interests at the forefront. I would recommend this law firm to anyone looking for a lawyer.

Joanne Schmidt: Their support was invaluable in this challenging phase of my life. Highly recommend!

A Google User: I was referred by someone I knew, and I called them when I had an issue with a judicial demand i received concerning taking care of someone very close &dear to me, and which needed very quick attention. They offered me their help in a convenient time for me explained me the options I had. The lawyer who took care of my case was very helpful, actually took the time to listen to me and always explained to me the best way to move forward

7. Franklin & Franklin Montreal Lawyers - Westmount

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· 64 reviews

1800 Glendale Avenue, Westmount, Quebec H3Z 1B8, Canada

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Franklin & Franklin Montreal Lawyers: what do users think?

Phil Diep: Thank you Jonathan Franklin for all your support. You have provided me with invaluable legal advice in a time sensitive matter. I appreciated that you stood your grounds and provided me with unbiased professional advice based on your 40 years of experience. I can't recommend you enough and appreciate for all you did for me. You even made yourself available while on vacation! Thank you!

Rebecca Thomas: jonathan helped me get what I was owed and then some. super professional, wise, and hilarious and a pleasure to work with! my first experience hiring a lawyer and i’ll go back to him in the future if i need help again.

Élisabeth Faure: I cannot speak highly enough of Jonathan and his team. If you need a top-quality attorney, he's your guy. I have used his services on more than one occasion, and always gotten wonderful results. He helps you navigate the often confusing and stressful legal world with compassion, good humour and truly excellent advice. If you need a litigator who will fight for you and deliver solid results, you couldn't be in better hands.

Nicole Koper: Navigating the tumultuous waters of a career transition can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to negotiating severance packages. This is where Jonathan Franklin's expertise shines brightest. From the outset, Jonathan was more than just a legal advisor; he was a steadfast advocate dedicated to ensuring that fairness and justice were not just lofty ideals but realities in the negotiations. His ability to listen and truly understand the nuances of my situation set him apart from others in his field.Jonathan's responsiveness and availability were unparalleled. In moments of uncertainty, his quick response times and the readiness with which he offered his sound legal expertise provided a much-needed anchor. It was clear that his commitment to his clients was not just professional but personal. His advice was always rooted in a deep understanding of the law, combined with a genuine concern for my well-being and future.Moreover, Jonathan's advocacy extended beyond mere negotiations. He was a champion for what was right, ensuring that the severance package was not only fair but also reflective of my contributions and the circumstances surrounding my departure. His skillful negotiation was a testament to his vast experience and deep knowledge of employment law. In a world where it's easy to feel like just another case file, Jonathan Franklin made me feel valued and respected. For anyone navigating the complexities of severance or facing any employment law challenges, I cannot recommend Jonathan Franklin highly enough. His professionalism, empathy, and expertise are truly in a class of their own.

Roberto Bragaglia: Johnathan Franklin is an outstanding lawyer.He possesses great communication,judgement and analytical skills. I strongly recommend Johnathan as a lawyer. He has been a great investment in my business endeavors. Our sessions have provided me with the necessary information to be confident and achieve my outcomes at a quicker pace. He will provide you with a proper framework and get you to ask the right questions. I genuinely appreciate his availability and desire to advise.

Lisa Courte: I highly recommend Me Jonathan Franklin. He is professional, knowledgeable and authentic. He fostered a sound working relationship treating my concerns with importance and respect; he offered sound advice. Thanks again Me Franklin!

Daniel: Jonathan is knowledgeable, understanding, honest, and to the point.I have seeked his council on more than one employment matters and I can honestly say that I am in a much better position both financially and mentally because of him.I highly recommend him

Jeri Tordoff: Jonathan was very quick to respond, friendly and knowledgeable. He went the extra mile to assure everything was clear for me. Would highly recommend his services.

M F: Excellent service and legal advice. Extremely professional. Jonathan and team will handle any matter with the utmost respect and transparency. No need to search any further - they got this!!

Yoel Meir Anastasio: I have consulted Mr. Franklin on several occasions and have always received outstanding service.Mr. Franklin is available when necessary, he listens to the needs of his clients, he gives clear and precise explanations and he is very pleasant to work with.

Brandon: I had a very good experience with Jonathan who provided me with legal advice on my separation package from my employer. I was most impressed because he took the time to review all the files ahead of time and therefore our meeting was very efficient and therefore his price was reasonable.The end result was that I successfully negotiated for 2x the initial amount my employer offered.

Kim Lee: Me Jonathan Franklin is a conscientious, genuine, respectful and empathetic lawyer. My experience has been very positive. He provides clear information, gages clients' expectations, and provides encouragement. He is responsive and provides regular updates. There is no guessing work with Jonathan. He delivered exactly what he promised. I would highly recommend his services!!

Jade Milaney: Franklin & Franklin helped me through what was a hugely stressful time, and even boosted my confidence when looking for a new job.Would definitely recommend Jonathan to anyone looking for an employment lawyer!

Alice Carey: Merci Maître Franklin pour vos précieux conseils et votre temps! You kept looking up for my best interests and I'm grateful that I could count on you. Thank you so much!

Tamara Mekhantseva: Jonathan Franklin is a very conscientious lawyer! He is very knowledgeable and reliable, always ready to provide you with valuable legal advice! His responses are always quick, precise, and clear. What is more, he has a lot of life experience and professional wisdom which help him come up with the best strategy in each particular case. I will definitely turn to his services again! Many thanks!

Global NTT Productions: I highly recommend Jonathan Franklin and this firm. They are dependable, reliable and offer wise advice. Great service is to be expected.

Patrick r Boudreault: Great service and great results..

J H: I would definitely recommend using Franklin and Franklin, their service is professional and they are extremely informed! We were very nervous about dealing with the court system in Montreal, but johnathan made us feel comfortable the entire time. No one wants to deal with the court system, but if you have to for whatever reason, Franklin and Franklin are the way to go!

8. Andrew Barbacki - criminal lawyer - Vieux-Montréal

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· 21 reviews

500 Place d'Armes #1800, Montreal, Quebec H2Y 2W2, Canada

Address Website WhatsApp
Andrew Barbacki - criminal lawyer: what do users think?

Rachel Sun: The best lawyer you can imagine!!!Mr Barbacki prepared us perfectly.He gave us all the help we needed!!! I really appreciated it. He is super smart and reliable. Highly recommended!!!!

Grooming Show: A Master lawyer with a lot of experience and very competent!

mo some: Excellent representation with reasonable prices.

Robert Peloquin: Thank you for all your help and understanding and professionalism

Dave Trentadue: Best Lawyer in town! Highly recommend. Andrew has done amazing things.

Robert Cooper: I highly recommend Andrew, client oriented provides excellent service

marco gasbarro: i cannot express the amount of gratitude i had when i was represented by this firm

Frankie Jr McComber: The best in the business!!!!

G Miller: Professional, and on the ball. Should you need his services, highly recommended.

Family Vassilounis: During my hardest time, I could always look to this man for honesty , integrity , knowledge and wisdom, and highest professionalism. Would recommend him for anyone. Very grateful and thankful for his representation .

paul lapierre: Pure busness and attention to detail inspires confidence..

AnthonyJames NaturalOils: Andrew is a great lawyer and a no nonsense kind of guy

Danielle Crevier: I highly recommend Mr Barbacki. He is extremely knowledgeable and experienced. Very professionnal and fights for his clients. Always looking for the best possible results,

Crystal Cleaning: Amazing service & a even better attorney in Criminal Law.Call Andrew & his super team for any of your needs as he is a proven winner.

9. Cormier Simard, Montreal Criminal Lawyers - Vieux-Montréal

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· 5 reviews

10 Notre-Dame St. East office 600, Montreal, Quebec H2Y 1B7, Canada

Address Website WhatsApp

10. KALMAN SAMUELS, Avocats / Attorneys Inc. - Westmount

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· 30 reviews

1 Westmount Sq #711, Westmount, Quebec H3Z 2P9, Canada

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KALMAN SAMUELS, Avocats / Attorneys Inc.: what do users think?

Abir Babili: Great place for a walk

Harneet Gill: Me. Daniel Romano is the best family law attorney. From our first meeting, he explained everything to me in terms to understand easily and was always very responsive when I had questions. He takes the time to plan and execute all solutions to help ones case. Highly recommend him as he is very insightful, helpful and professional. I am very grateful for the help I received from Me. Romano.

AYFERT BARAK 514-REALTOR: Very professional service in Montreal

Iehara Moe: I am so grateful to work as an internship at this law firm. It was really for short term, but this work experience is definitely precious for me. All of them are very professional and responsible. I've learned so many things there and I'm sure it helps me develop my future career.

JAWAD ELBOUZIDI: A big thank you to Me Romano!Excellent service.

angela nevard: I am extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with the Kalman Samuels law firm on a contractual basis for many years in Family Law, Personal Rights, and Personal Injury files. As such, I was able to experience first-hand the personalized and detailed representation they provide to each and every client. The firm's dedicated attorneys and the support staff work as a team, always at the ready to support each other in the pursuit of the best solution for their clients and under the meticulous guidance and profound legal expertise of the firm's managing director, Dan Romano.Even when not working as the firm's agent, I have often, in my own practice, turned to the Kalman Samuels attorneys, for consultation on complex legal issues and their responses are thorough, strategic and supportive.The firm is constantly evolving, adapting to new realities within the legal landscape while remaining true to their principles of personalized, supportive, thorough representation. Known for their leadership and personalized representation, the Kalman Samuels attorneys work efficiently so as to reduce necessary costs to their clients. I could not recommend them highly enough.

Jennifer-Lee Michael: I have been a client of Kalman Samuels for many many years. Anytime I have had an issue to deal with, they have been my go-to law-firm. No matter whether it is within their domain or not, they always do their best to assist me any way they can. If it is not within their domain, they always find the best attorneys available in other domains; to answer my questions and help me with my inquiries. I am a serial entrepreneur with many businesses to my name and the founder of an NPO; the Volunteers Coalition. With 7 cases to date, spanning over many years, which have been handled primarily by Dan Romano, I am extremely satisfied with the services I have received at Kalman Samuels and strongly recommend this law firm to anybody seeking a group they can trust.

Nick Argyropoulos: Margherita, a top notch family lawyer who would take you by the hand and show you the best way out of this mess. I am greafull of her guidens. And today, I can rebuild my life with my children.

11. Attorney Renaud Dery - Ville-Marie

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· 29 reviews

1455 St Mathieu St, Montreal, Quebec H3H 2M4, Canada

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Attorney Renaud Dery: what do users think?

Khan Junaid: Hired this firm to represent me for my PR application. After long waiting I finally became Permanent Resident. Special thanks to my case manager Miss Jasmine.

nuradin muhiyadin: Thanks for your helping me

Andrea Gonzales D.: I have no negative comments to say about this law firm. We began our PR application a little over a year ago, during the middle of the pandemic, but regardless of the Covid fiasco, the firm was always available for our questions. More specifically Mrs. Jasmine Tan. She was always very quick to reply to our emails whenever we had questions or concerns, and very patient as well. I couldn't have asked for a better case manager to follow our case. I will definitely be recommending the firm to friends and family who need an immigration lawyer.Thank you again for accompanying us in this journey!

Swopnil Kaur: This is really best law firm . .The staff they are amazing Miss Jasmine Tan she helped me very professionally and thoroughly with my case . I received my CSQ in such a short period of time . I am thankful by my heart to all the staff members who helped me .

Jatinder Pal Singh: Positive:Professionalism,Quality,Responsiveness,ValueGo to these guysThey reply little late but they get the job doneSubmitted my file to them in may 2020Got PR in november 2020

Zeynep Saydi: Positive:Professionalism,Quality,ResponsivenessQuality service, responsive and very professional. We applied on December 19th and got our passports with our visas early May.

Ning Guo: Very professional and patient service! Thanks a lot for all your work!

12. Spunt & Carin - Divorce & Immigration Lawyers in Montreal - Côte-des-Neiges–Notre-Dame-de-Grâce

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· 27 reviews

345 Av. Victoria suite# 402, Westmount, QC H3Z 2N1, Canada

Address Website WhatsApp
Spunt & Carin - Divorce & Immigration Lawyers in Montreal: what do users think?

Muhammad Immad: The Spunt and Carin team is indeed excellent. The professionalism, dedication, hard work, attention to detail, thoroughness and compassion of the lawyer who represented me, Me Olesya Akhtemiychuk is amazing. Initially, I had instituted the divorce proceedings with another firm and consulted numerous others – and I regret not to have consulted Me Akhtemiychuk earlier. She took the time to explain the court proceedings well, took the time to listen to my stance attentively, was honest about the case and formulated detailed, well documented court proceedings. During the case, I had the chance to work with Me Carla Gharzouzi for a short while, who is brilliant and truly compassionate. This is an expensive firm and bills do add up, however, they are very detailed and excellent at what they do.

Natasha Cellich: I cannot thank the team at Spunt and Carin enough for their support during my divorce. Alex, Claire, and Rebecca were not just professional, but also dedicated to my case. Their expertise and incredible compassion made a difficult time much more manageable.

Dimitra F: I was fortunate to have Eric Kirshner and the Spunt & Carin team represent me in my very difficult divorce. Eric helped me to determine what was in the best interest for me and my children. He consistently steered me in the right direction for the best possible outcome. His knowledge and expertise in divorce law and overall confidence and attitude towards my situation made it apparent that we were well prepared for every issue or event that arose. Eric was not only my lawyer but he became a friend who talked to me when I needed emotional support and this made me even stronger to fight and get through it all. He always calmed me down and made my worries go away. He went above and beyond, and was always available no matter what time of the day. I am very impressed and pleased with our final outcome. I will always refer the Spunt & Carin Family Law Firm to anyone who is looking for an educated, straightforward and honest family law group. Eric, I cannot thank you enough for helping me though this challenging situation. You are a champion!

Amanda D: I cannot recommend Spunt & Carin enough! A big thank you to Me Olesya Akhtemiychuk and the entire team. You all made a very difficult time so much easier with your professionalism, dedication, care and compassion. I had previously been with another law firm and felt like "just another file". This is absolutely not the case with Spunt & Carin; they truly care and are so personable. Thank you Me Akhtemiychuk; not only for your hard work and expertise but also for always reassuring me and guiding me through the difficult divorce process with such kindness, compassion and empathy. If you are looking for the best legal team in Montreal, look no further than Spunt & Carin!

laurie assingo: .

William Altimas: We appreciate the law firm of Spunt & Carin in handling our divorce. The divorce was an amicable divorce so we used the same lawyer. Nicole Zaki and Carla Gharzouzi were the lawyers who helped us draft up our divorce agreement. The Court accepted our agreement. We were pleased with the services provided by Nicole and Carla and are pleased to recommend them for your legal needs.

Tony Wen: The best Family Law Firm in Montreal!A big Thank you to Me. Eric Kirshner, Me. Carla Gharzouzi and Sigal Shukhmeister for your time and expertise advice and guidance during our consultation has been invaluable! I truly appreciate your support. The best lawyer and best team in Montreal! Thank you again!

Tara King: Very professional answered all my questions.....

dominic pietrinferni: A place where we find Honesty, Integrity and Trust, Thank you to this team for helping me in my legal dispute.Dominic Pietrinferni

L: Very compassionate and accessible team. We worked first with David and then with Sheri and Ashley for over 6 months on our case and have found them to be outstanding. Their focus on "getting it done" really helped us succeed in the end. They really cared and were very personable. You'll get to work with a professional team that is able to communicate clearly and directly. The hourly fees are reasonable but do add up quickly making this an expensive firm simply because of the very high level of involvement and work put into a case.

Andy Asnicar: Olesya Akhtemiychuk and team were perspicacious and indefatigable. When I thought there was no light, they were there to make sure I represented with integrity.Olesya is not only one of the best at what she does, she is respected amongst her peers and is a pros pro. Her insight and words brought me out of a dark time when I needed it. I will forever be grateful.

Ernest Nzekio: Me David TordjmanDear DavidThis very personal letter confirms what I told you at the end of the trial. Your performance was excellent for me in many aspects, which pleasantly surprised me1. First of all, your courage upon my request to your office to represent me. It didn't take you very long to read the file and engage your firm alongside me. Whereas before you, 2 other firms had taken longer to review the files, only to refuse because they were so afraid of getting involved in a file that was too complicated according to them.2. The way you organized the work with me, listening to me patiently and involving me in a complementary way, without giving up leadership of the process.3. Your in-depth knowledge of important and critical issues, your knowledge of certain texts, as well as the ease with which you found them to share with the audience were remarkable, which gave your arguments essential significance4. And then all this allowed you to enrich your arguments on the substance and on the real points, strongly supporting your arguments without being aggressive in your presentations.5. And then the way in which you conducted your plea to demonstrate that my physical, moral and emotional state during the RCA, supported especially by the reference to the texts confirming that it is an important factor in canceling the agreement, was magnificent6. And finally, passion was there so often, as you built yourself for yourselfI will simply conclude by saying that you were brilliant and I was so proud of it. If I were still in office, you would already be on your way to work at the United NationsThank you for giving me this pleasureSincerelyPouemi Nzekio

Astrid Cruz: I have no words to express how excellent the team at Spunt & Carin are. Since the beginning, they were always available for my questions and concerns. I had a pleasure working with Mme. Olesya Akhtemiychuk, and my experience with her was phenomenal. A lawyer that made this process easier and smoother. Her professionalism and dedication is outstanding. My experience with her has been and continues to be extraordinary. I would 1000% recommend this firm, a team of lawyers that produce results. Super happy I got the chance to choose them.

Mike Whitty: I can not express how excellent the team at Spunt and Carin are. Their professionalism, knowledge and understanding are unmatched. Special thanks to both Rebecca and David who took care of my file. Highly recommended!

Christina Hollingsworth: There aren’t words to describe what My Lawyer David Chun and his amazing team at Spunt and Carin INC has done for our family… They are the most hard working dedicated team i’ve seen in a long time, professional, communicative, punctual, proactive and passionate.. there’s no other firm that I would refer anyone to besides Spunt and Carin… Inexpensive with top tier service… if you’re ever looking for a great family attorney call David Chun, he along with his team will get your situation sorted… Thx you guys so much for everything that you have done for our family… We appreciate your hard work and dedication to helping us get what we wanted in a court of law…

Bowing Mountains AG: I recently had the pleasure of working with the family law firm of Spunt and Carin. From the moment I walked into their office, I knew I was in good hands. The firm’s pillars of integrity and truth were evident in every interaction I had with them. My lawyer Mr Erick Kirshner, was a shining example of their code of ethics. He operates in Honesty, straightforwardness and best interest. His expertise and guidance helped me navigate a difficult situation with ease.Mr. Kirshner was able to see through the sanitized version of the truth presented in the plaintiffs application and expose the weaponized trigger words used to mislead the reader. I highly recommend Spunt and Carin to anyone in need of a family law firm that cares about their clients. I also would like to thank - Spunt and Carin’s operational managerFor providing solutions to peripheral issues.Giovanni A

13. Andrew H. Heft - René-Lévesque

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Not verified
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· 40 reviews

606 Rue Cathcart Suite 608, Montreal, Quebec H3B 1K9, Canada

Address Website WhatsApp
Andrew H. Heft: what do users think?

Nunzio De Sanctis: After consulting others lawyers and receiving bad advise, I was put in contact with Andrew Heft who looked at my file and gave me the information I needed to make a proper decision. Thank you Mr. Andrew heft.

Savannah Roukos: Me Andrew is the lawyer you want by your side. I was with another lawyer before for almost 1,5 year and nothing was moving. Me Andrew took my case and did everything he can in his power to help me. He is very direct, very strong lawyer and knows what's he's doing. Trust his advice. He doesn't promise anything yet he makes sure to give you more than what you can expect. Great team. I chose him based on the reviews I saw on google, and It was indeed the best decision I made. If you are looking for a lawyer, Me Andrew is the one you need.

Joshua Mattheis: Clear communication, lucid advice. Reasonable price.

bravolu: If you really need a lawyer to help you, you'd better trust him. Andrew is one such lawyer you can trust,with all the qualities you need in a practical and sophisticated lawyer, and also his excellent team, trust him and you'll get a good result in the end, which is indeed the case. Not only that, but you won't lose any sleep at night in the meantime.

Nicole Malcomson: Andrew Heft and his team of professionals went above and boyond for me and my children in a very difficult, tumultuous and a nail biter of a case. We can not recommend him enough.Andrew Heft is well experienced, a solid intelligent professional and he knows Family Law inside and out. He was devoted, driven the entire time and very supportive to ensure we got the Judgement we wanted, and we did.Highly Recommend.

Dean Pereira: Andrew was great throughout the entire process, thanks Andrew

Darren Boudreau: Finding an experienced, intelligent a compétant Lawyer was a blessing. He is direct and knowledgeable in all aspects of divorce; he asks all the important questions and fights for what is legally yours. He doesn’t give you false hopes, but does suggest which direction things will go. One of his strongest traits is as a negotiator.45 years of experience counts for a lot; aggressive and determined to see his clients be happy with a fair outcome.

Annabelle Jey: Positive:Professionalism,Quality,Responsiveness,ValueGreat advising and a prompt response by Andrew. Would recommend and choose for my matters again in the future.

Hil Z: Andrew is the thrid lawyer i met for my case and i decided to stay with him. I made a wise choice. He is very professional, smart and with him things were finally moving forward. Im happy with the ending result. And i would recommend him.

John Kohos: Positive:Professionalism,Quality,Responsiveness,ValueAndy cleaned up an expensive, horrible mess created by my former attorney. He knows what he's doing and doesn't destroy people while he's doing it. Judges show him the respect he deserves.

Jayr Howlett: Positive:Professionalism,Quality,ResponsivenessAndrew helped me through a difficult and long process. Very professional, a straight shooter and aggressive when appropriate. He guided me through a court process and mediation to come to closure - he was always available and responsive. Top lawyer in Montreal.

Sylvia Boss: Tenacious, well-spoken, reflective and supportive. Thanking you for your clear thinking & leadership these past few years.

Tiago Ferreira: Andrew Heft is very professional. He helps you walk through difficult situations in a simple straightforward step by step process. He is very diligent, supportive and profficient. Hightly recommendable.

Helen Heslop: I have been extremely impressed by Me Heft's intelligence, commitment, dedication, economy, and professionalism so far, regarding our case, and I thank him profusely for his help and input. He really cares, he listens, he is judicious, and his decades of experience shows.

Nina M: Andrew is currently working on my divorce since last September.We are opposing a very stubborn side, and he has done more than I have expected to advance the case in as fast pace as he can. Every time we get to court, we get them to back down and settle. The case is not yet over and we have a long road ahead, but I feel confident with Andrew by my side to achieve my most important goal that is provide the best outcome for my child. I definitely recommend getting his opinion on your case!

14. KLM Immigration Law - Vieux-Montréal

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Not verified
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· 23 reviews

60 Rue Saint-Jacques bureau 602, Montréal, QC H2Y 1L5, Canada

Address Website WhatsApp

15. Schwalb Legal -Lawyers- Commercial & Corporate, Civil, Litigation, Administrative, Family, Immigration - Savane

Not verified


Not verified
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· 22 reviews

5050 de, Rue de Sorel Suite 200, Montreal, Quebec H4P 1G5, Canada

Address Website WhatsApp
Schwalb Legal -Lawyers- Commercial & Corporate, Civil, Litigation, Administrative, Family, Immigration: what do users think?

Gorav Jain: Good experience

Наталія Присяжнюк: Schwalb Legal is a top-notch law firm that provides excellent legal services. I have worked with their family law attorney on several occasions and have been impressed with their professionalism, expertise, and dedication to their clients. They truly care about their clients and go above and beyond to ensure that they get the best possible outcome.

Sorin Rosen: My wife and I used Mr. Schwalb's legal services years ago, and we kept in touch for other issues throughout the years.The interaction with him was always a very pleasant experience. Mr. Schwalb has always demonstrated great professionalism, transparency and diligence in performing his duties, and the legal matter at hand was solved to our satisfaction shortly after he became involved. Throughout our client-attorney relationship, he was timely and reliable, and he charged transparent and very reasonable fees.On a personal level, David was always good spirited, reassuring and pleasant, highly available and ready to answer all our questions. I always admired his no-nonsense style, his being upfront from the start, his ability to put our mind at eases, and his kind demeanor.I would highly recommend him and his office for any legal representation and advice.

Nichita Bobic: Look no further, you have found the best legal team in Montreal.Professional, experienced and most of all, understanding. Thank you David for your help and your immaculate service.

Dr. Adi Yoskovitch: I have known David and his team for more than 10 years. Always fast, effective and spot-on in their actions and advice. Highly recommended.

Angelica Scardera: I went to Me Schwalb for some contractual transaction with my business. He is really good at negotiating in our favor and we're very satisfied with his services. Definitely recommend him! Can’t go wrong with someone as wise and knowledgeable as him!

Irina Gavrilova: Mr. David Schwalb wonderful smiling lawyer who was always in contact with me almost 24 hours a day and answered all my questions. He perfectly represented my interests in court, division of property and resolved all issues related to the maintenance of children. Thank you.

Oleksii Slobodian: Saved me huge amount of time. Professional approach and attentive communication.

Viktoria Buriak: Thanks, guys for the quick help with our issue. You are truly professionals in the field of family law.

Maxime Petit: Excellent service!They resolved my problem quickly.THANKS!

Maria Contaratos: Courteous and professional service. I am extremely satisfied with the support, expertise and efficiency of Me Schwalb and his team. Me Schwalb was always available, attentive, provided sound advice and is very rigorous in his work. Highly recommend!

Аnton Belov: Professional in the field of immigration law, now I can walk calmly

Michael Toulch: Helpful, attentive and detail oriented, great service, fair pricing. Highly recommend.

16. Stephane Cohen Criminal Lawyer | Avocat Criminel Montreal - Westmount

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Not verified
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· 61 reviews

4150 Rue Sainte-Catherine #490, Westmount, QC H3Z 2Y5, Canada

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Stephane Cohen Criminal Lawyer | Avocat Criminel Montreal: what do users think?

Varinder Singh: Discovering Mr. Stephane's legal services online proved to be a fortuitous decision. His extensive experience and proficiency in law were evident from the outset. Under his guidance, my case was resolved promptly and effectively, surpassing my expectations. I wholeheartedly endorse Mr. Stephane to those seeking a professional and adept lawyer.

Kedar Mendhurwar: I was in need of urgent legal help last year when I first contacted Mr. Cohen. Where other lawyers demanded booking an appointment for initial dialogue, Mr. Cohen assessed my situation without any charge, promptly gave me a callback and provided thorough information on my options and what to be expected. He constantly guided me throughout the process and followed up with me regularly. Being a working professional, the most impressive thing I found is we never had to indulge in unnecessary telephone calls and we maintened communication through texts. Finally, also apart from his counterparts who didn't give me a clear picture of the fees they would charge, Mr. Cohen was very transparent and fair with his fees from very beginning. He also gave me an option to pay the fees in installment so paying the court fees never became a burden. I am extremely happy and grateful for the service provided by Mr. Cohen and wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone in need 😊

Sam Brar: Mr. Stephane Cohen is a great Lawyer.His professionalism and knowledge guided me through a challenging legal situation and helped me get the best possible outcome.I would highly recommend anyone in need of legal assistance.

Photo Montage: Thank you for your prompt response and excellent legal advice

Benjamin Dahan: Attentive and experienced attorney who always puts his clients first

David A: Mr. Stephane Cohen is a great lawyer. When I was in need of help, Mr. Cohen came in and fixed the problem. He is accomodating and always answered my questions. Mr. Cohen bailed me out and went straight to the issue and fixed it. He's knowledgable, knows what to do if a client get stuck. Stephane Cohen helped me fix my case and he didn't let it go for long. Thanks to him, I'm able to start back and move forward with my life. Whenever you want a lawyer who will work hard and will give you a second chance, I would recommend Mr. Cohen to others. Merci M. Cohen.

Dov Charness: Enthusiastically recommend this attorney. He is extremely knowledgeable and able to explain the files well to clients. He is experienced as well and will handle your case with competency and diligence.

Maria-Alexandra Munoz Gonzalez: Stephen was the best help and everything went smoothly! I had an excellent service experience and the outcome that I wanted.

M Perera: Stephane Cohen is truly exceptional as a lawyer, in my opinion. He's not just good, but outstanding. Whenever someone asks me for a lawyer recommendation, without a moment's hesitation, I name him. What sets Stephane apart is his unwavering respect for his clients. He treats each one with the utmost dignity and care, making you feel valued and heard throughout the legal process.His professionalism is impeccable. Every aspect of your case is handled with precision and expertise. I was facing a particularly complicated situation, but Stephane navigated it with ease and skill. His ability to dissect complex legal issues and present them cogently is remarkable. I never once felt overwhelmed or lost in the process, thanks to his clear communication and guidance.What truly amazed me was how he managed to win my case without me even stepping foot in the courtroom. It speaks volumes about his proficiency and strategic acumen. Stephane isn't just a lawyer; he's a problem solver, a strategic thinker who knows how to navigate the legal landscape with finesse.Having Stephane Cohen on your side isn't just beneficial; it's essential. He brings a level of expertise and dedication that is unmatched. If you ever find yourself in need of legal representation, look no further. Stephane Cohen is the kind of lawyer you want in your corner, fighting for your rights and delivering results.Thank you Stephane.

Mwayi Mpita: Stephane Cohen is the best lawyer I have ever encountered. The one I can never hesitate to recommend. He treats his client with huge respect, and he handles the case diligently with impeccable professionalism. My case was complicated, but he managed to dismantle and win the case without my even appearing in court. A genius of a Lawyer you need on your side.

Kerry C.: Stephane was engaged to help our son with a legal matter and proved to be extremely compassionate, non-judgmental and personable. He is brilliant, thorough and communicative. The case was resolved in our son's favour thanks to Stephane's efforts and skills. Very pleased and grateful.

Stefan de Witt: Mr Stephane Cohen took the time to analyze every aspect of my legal documentations and situation, he asked the right questions, while presenting realistic outcomes and honest feedback. His handling of all proceedings were highly professional and resourceful, which resulted in a more than favourable outcome. Would strongly recommend his services.

Lisa Martone: Received great service and the outcome was even better...thank you Stephane for making an unpleasant situation easy.

Badia Jyed: Excellent firm, a true specialist in his field, attentive and efficient, I highly recommend +++++++++Your professionalism and expertise have been invaluable I truly appreciate your dedication,thanks again

OTHMAN ALSHATTI: I spoken to atleast 5 lawyers for my situation and as soon as I spoke with Stephane I knew he was the one to go with. He was straight forward, knew the answers from our first conversation instead of having to get back to me later on, honest and was there for me when I needed to talk to him. It was a pleasure doing this with you Stephane. I highly recommend 👌

anoop sandhu: Stephane Cohen is by far one of the best lawyers in the city! He is kind, compassionate & his dedication to his practice is incomparable! He’s extremely hard working and genuine. He always takes the time to explain things to you and always responds to his clients quickly. Sometimes good people can end up on the wrong side of the law and Stephane will be there for you all the way! He helped me tremendously not just to handle my case in a very calm & professional manner, but he was also extremely supportive and helped me get through a major life crisis. I received a great outcome in my case and I thank Stephane everyday for helping me get my life back! He’s a true professional and a gentleman. He’s extremely intelligent and knowledgeable in his practice and you will be in great hands! Look no further than Maître Stephane Cohen!

Nishan Sandhu: “I had the privilege of working with stephane ,on a recent legal matter, and I am thoroughly impressed with their expertise and professionalism. From the initial consultation to the successful resolution of my case, Stephane displayed a profound understanding of the law and a strategic approach that instilled confidence. Their attention to detail, clear communication, and tireless dedication to my case were exemplary. Thanks to their guidance, I achieved a favorable outcome. Stephane is a true legal authority, and I would recommend their services to anyone seeking top-tier representation.”

17. Goldwater, Dubé - Ville-Marie

Not verified


Not verified
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· 97 reviews

3500 Boul. de Maisonneuve Ouest #2310, Westmount, Quebec H3Z 3C1, Canada

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Goldwater, Dubé: what do users think?

Roger Choucroun: Amina Joober is a top-notch law lawyer that provides excellent legal services. i was impressed with their professionalism, expertise, and dedication to their clients. They truly care about their clients and go above and beyond to ensure that they get the best possible outcome. would you belieave they could finalized a divorce in one year..guys Look no further, you have found the best legal team in Montreal.Professional, experienced and most of all, understanding. Thank you Amina for your help and your immaculate service & specifically for all the advices. Helpful, attentive and detail oriented, great service.Me Amina wonderful smiling lawyer who was always in contact with me almost 24 hours a day and answered all my questions. she perfectly represented my interests. A Big Thank you

Sylvie Cadieux: I was represented by Me Martin and I highly recommend her. His great determination, his intellectual and human capacities enabled a satisfactory settlement in a complex case. I would also add that his availability and honesty accompanied me during this difficult ordeal.THANKS

Nicola Obregon: I would like to especially thank Master Amina Joober for her expertise. Even though the dispute lasted almost a year, I am really satisfied. She worked hard for the best interests of my children. I recommend it to you. THANKS

Cassandra Girard: We were represented by Me Dagenais, a remarkable woman, she listens to our needs, she gives us confidence and prepares us perfectly for the trial. She made a difference in our lives, she knew how to change the course of our lives and thanks to her it’s only positive!! We recommend her 100% and she really fights for us!!! Thank you Sandrine 🏽

Christine Philbert: I recommend the services of Me Amina Joober.His proactivity, advice and strategic planning allowed us to quickly finalize the file.Me Joober always took the time to quickly answer my questions, whether by email or by scheduling a virtual meeting. She is a lawyer who has undoubtedly mastered her legal field. She will be able to guide you and defend your interests with great professionalism and unparalleled involvement.Thank you for everything Me Joober

Ishell Tassy: I want to thank Me Joober for her help navigating one of the darkest moments of my life. Her expertise and human approach kept me calm and reassured. I hope I don’t need her services much in the future but would definitely reach out to her again if needed.

Jeanfrancois Massé: I would like to express my highest recommendation for the services of Me Joober. As a client, I had the opportunity to benefit from his remarkable legal expertise, his unfailing dedication, and his human approach.Throughout the management of my case, Mr. Joober demonstrated exemplary professionalism, treating each aspect of my case with rigor and seriousness. His solid knowledge of the law was a major asset in resolving my complex legal situation. His human approach gave me confidence from the start, allowing me to feel supported and well advised throughout the process.I would also like to highlight the availability and responsiveness she demonstrated. Me Joober always took the time to answer my questions and clarify any points that required additional explanations, which greatly facilitated the management of my case.Thanks to his commitment and professionalism, I was able to obtain a favorable result in my case, for which I am very grateful to him. I highly recommend the services of Me Joober to anyone looking for a competent and dedicated lawyer.

robin mouren: I would like to highlight the excellent work of Me Veronique Jacques. She took charge of my file even though for 8 months, in another office, nothing was progressing.She listened to me and advised me, but above all supported me in this ordeal of life. After a few weeks, the case was resolved in a fair and equitable manner for each party. I can now look forward to the future satisfied that justice has been done.So thank you again to the Goldwater Dubé team.

Alexandre Ferreira: Me Audrey-Anne Laforme was stellar in every aspects of my defense. Always professional and effective, I couldn’t asked for better results. I strongly recommend her services.

Sandra Lapointe: Thank you to Me Joober for supporting me in my situation with the DPJ and for being the lawyer who took the time to listen to me, understand myself and explain myself with great kindness. I am lucky to have had Amina with me. She is remarkably understanding, takes the time to explain it well so that we understand, thank you again Amina, I am super lucky. Sandra Lapointe

Laurence Jonquille-Canella: I would like to thank the entire Goldwater Dubé team for their superb service but especially to Maitre Dagenais, she was attentive to listening to my needs and her advice was clear and reliable, I am grateful to have had such great service I now have peace of mind since she and her team took care of my file, thank you again for your support service and quick and efficient return calls

Marie-Hélène Panisset: Me Marie Anne Martin accompanied me in a painful conflict with great compassion and efficiency. We were able to settle in record time and save costs, which mattered enormously in the balance and always with respect for the opposing party. It is without any reservation that I warmly recommend it to you.

Isabelle Carle: I would like to thank and share my opinion on Maître Desormiers. She is undeniably efficient, undeniably rigorous with a great sense of ethics. In addition to making her client's mission a priority, she knew how to defend my interests with conviction, professionalism and enthusiasm. During each action taken, she explains all the possible avenues, which is reassuring in all the legal jargon. Human, attentive to the needs of her clients, she has found the best way to carry out the mandates given to her. I highly recommend it to you. Thank you Maître Desormiers

Youssef Nasr: , and was able to calm my anxieties regarding the situation. I think this ability is priceless and it helped me focus on more important things over the course of nearly a year and avoid chronic unhealthy stress. The team at Goldwater, Dube is well put together and work cohesively and they are always quick to reply. I was able to contact them at any point to get updates or even to just ask questions. Of course, having an exceptional and passionate lawyer & high quality law firm by your side can be expensive, but there is no doubt the service and results they provide are worth it.All of this together, I confidently recommend avocate Audrey-Anne Laforme & Goldwater, Dubé and based on my past experiences with other attorneys, I believe she is of the top 1%.

Goose: Camille is amazing such a kind soul has been helping me a ton. Strongly recommend her.

Philippe Branchaud: Me Joober accompanied me through a complex legal process. His advice and efforts enabled me to find a solution to a very difficult situation that I thought was insurmountable. Me Joober was of immense help both on a legal and human level. Thank you Ms. Amina!Thank you for taking my case to heart

D Dj: Great lawyers, straight to the point and precise on what they needed me to do. Always friendly yet stern when I was stressing out. Overall I wouldn't have found better if I tried for family court. Great law firm and employees are amazing. Treated me and my family with respect and was easy to understand what was going on when they explained the proceedings and what I should do or say etc..5 stars thank you guys for everything much appreciated.

jean jean: I would like to express my deep gratitude to Me. Marie Anne Martin for her exceptional legal services. His commitment to his clients is second to none. She demonstrated a thorough understanding of my situation and worked dedicatedly to achieve the best possible outcome.Mr. Martin stands out for his competence, dedication and ability to explain complex legal concepts in a clear and understandable manner. She kept me informed every step of the way, which greatly reduced the stress associated with my legal situation.Additionally, his genuine comments and constructive feedback were invaluable in enabling me to make informed decisions. I highly recommend the services of Me. Marie Anne Martin to anyone looking for a competent and caring lawyer to resolve their legal problems."

18. Keyork Immigration Law - Bois-Francs

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· 35 reviews

3773 Blvd. Cote-Vertu Ouest Suite 210, Saint-Laurent, Quebec H4R 2M3, Canada

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Keyork Immigration Law: what do users think?

Laura Sole: knew how to provide us with important support by resolving each one of the adversities that arose. The entire time we felt totally supported and calm with the process, we knew we were in good hands from start to finish! Thanks to her exceptional work we now have our permanent residence!! We highly recommend the services of Keyork Immigration Law!!! We are an Uruguayan family that will be grateful for the rest of our lives!Laura, Luis and family!❤️

Mahesh Kamat: In these uncertain times it’s worth investing in getting expert guidance and help from Mary and her team.Mary helped me immigrate my family to Canada. She and her team are proactive, committed, and have a lot of experience handling family immigration.Immigration rules and process have been quite dynamic in recent years. I always had peace of mind that my applications were in good hands and each step along the process was done professionally and correctly.Also, Mary and her team work with their clients with empathy and commitment. I felt they actually cared about reuniting my family.

helen rizk: "Exceptional legal support! The expertise and dedication of Keyork immigration law in handling my immigration case were truly outstanding. From the initial consultation to the final approval, the attention to detail and professionalism were evident. Grateful for the seamless process and successful outcome. Highly recommend Mary, Annie and Joely for anyone seeking immigration assistance!"

chris Cochrane: Thank you so much Joely and Mary , Keyork immigration law is the best. They patiently and thoroughly from begin to successful conclusion put together a strong Refugee claim for my mother in-law. Very professional ,Highly recommend AAA+

Larry Conn: I met my partner 16 years ago. The case was complex with a significant age difference between us and no long-term co-habitation for reasons beyond our control. Despite these challenges, Joely and her team put together a solid spousal sponsor case. The file was so well-prepared there were no challenges or delays. From submission to visa approval only six months elapsed. Joely guided us through each phase of the process promptly and with clear explanation. The attention to detail, knowledge of the requirements by Keyork Immigration Law is unsurpassed. We are so thankful Keyork took on our case and unequivocally recommend them.

Fardush Huq: The “Keyork Immigration Law” really very much professional to making sure the immigration system and ways to handle immigration issues exactly what need to do with IRCC. I am glad to the all team members of the Keyork that theirs hard working make us reunite and we are happy that they are exactly did what we needed.Almost 5 years when a conjugal couple can’t make their own family together,and how they go with their everyday lives together we realise and the Keyork understand the importance of the family.They are also part of our painful journey and their teams doing their best for us.

Happy Bee: Thanks for your great help. I received my PR recently and everything went well. They are super professional and make sure that everything is in order. They are also always there if you have questions or concerns.Edit: sorry I mixed up the places, I got help from these lawyers not the other one in Toronto ! Thanks again !!

Andy Hong: Keyork immigration law is the best! They with their help my wife was able to get her pr in like three months! They are very patient and always hard at work. They also go out of their way for you. Thank you Mary, Zakia, Niropana, and the rest of the team! Thank you all so much for making our dream possible(:

Lilah McMorrow: We cannot say enough good things about Keyork's Immigration Services. We have just applied for my husband's permanent residence, so we have not received the answer yet, but our meeting with Joely was wonderful. She was so well-informed and took such an interest in us as people. Joely answered questions that I did not know that I had and cleared up some misconceptions that I had as well. Moreover, when we were close to the hour ending, I said, "Okay just one more thing really quickly..." and she responded, "We do not have to finish right at the hour, it is okay, take your time." My husband and I were touched by the empathy and genuine interest that Joely took in us, and we felt so empowered after that meeting! I would recommend Keyork to anyone!

Narinee Halajian: My whole family are incredibly happy with Keyork Lay services. Mary Keyork and her clerks were incredibly helpful, diligent, and overall wonderful, to help my mother gain her Canadian Citizenship. My mother went through a lot of hardships and we went to Keyork Law services for help. They made the whole process as smooth as possible and dealt with any issues immediately. They listened to our queries and worked tirelssly to help us at every turn. Thank you so much everyone at Keyork Law and especially to Mary Keyork!

Maria Ossama: I'm so glad I had Keyork Immigration Law review my spousal sponsorship application for me before submission! I worked with Annie Ye who was incredibly professional, has a great eye for detail, is very friendly and will give you every bit of advice to make sure your application is accepted. She also patiently answers questions and is very knowledgeable of every detail! Overall a great experience, would totally recommend

Diana De la Cruz: . The support I received from day one was exceptional. Due to my dad's aging, I had doubts that his application would be approved because he could be a cost to the system. Despite of what I considered a challenging case, Mary and Joely, with impeccable integrity, a high level of professionalism, strong knowledge, and unbelievable care, succeeded in getting him his PR, in time record. Thank you, Mary and Joely. There are no words to express my gratitude, and there will never be any. Diana De la Cruz

Beye Sada: I love Canada and I am very interested for the opportunity to work work Art

Edouard Anderson: High quality and excellent professional service i received from Key York Immigration. No hesitation when it comes to Key York. Total satisfaction. A big thanks goes to Annie and Mary.

Barbra Castell: The best place to have immigration legal advice.

Dylan “i4HOPE” Heath: I highly recommend Keyork Immigration Law. The process of applying for a visa with the guidance of knowledgeable professionals made it smooth and 'easy'. I would not of been able to do this entire process without there help.

Mira Aldabbagh: Mary and her team were very professional and knowledgeable is every step of my parents’ applications. They helped my parents obtain their PRTD and enter Canada as a permanent resident. My parents’ case was so complicated as they did not meet the residency obligation, Mary and her team gathered and documented all the evidence and filled a settlement and were able to return the PR status for my parents in a very short time. Mary was on top of the case scheduling many meetings to explain to myself the status and what needed to be done. Whenever we received an email from IRCC she was responding on a timely manner with all the required detailed.Also, she completed the visas for my brother and his family, she ensured that all the documents are complete and accurate. She continued to follow up with IRCC to make sure no information is missing. They provided me and my family outstanding service ending with the wanted result. I highly recommend them for all immigration needs.

19. Maurice Lasry - Avocat et Médiateur accrédité | Attorney and Accredited Mediator - Côte-Saint-Antoine

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· 10 reviews

4260 Av Girouard Suite 250/10, Montreal, Quebec H4A 3C9, Canada

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Maurice Lasry - Avocat et Médiateur accrédité | Attorney and Accredited Mediator: what do users think?

lee brown: Maître Lasry is a very empathic and knowledgeable lawyer. He helped me through a frustrating and stressful mediation process against a difficult employer to a successful conclusion.

Cyndi Owen: Maurice is a true advocate who understands the law. He is transparent, accessible and validating. I had called several lawyers to consult and none of them even understood some of the basics of my profession. I would highly recommend him, very impressed.

Emmy Pepper: Mr. Lasry is competent and professional. I greatly valued his legal advice and mediation services that helped bring to fruition a fair and favourable outcome regarding a dispute with my employer. Working with Mr. Lasry gave me peace of mind during a difficult and stressful time.

Curtis Shane: Throughout the duration of my legal journey, I felt as though I had a true partner in Maurice Lasry. He not only fought diligently for my case but also provided invaluable emotional support during what was undoubtedly a challenging time. His empathy and genuine concern for his clients' well-being make him not just an outstanding lawyer but also a compassionate human being.I wholeheartedly recommend Maurice Lasry to anyone in need of legal representation. He is a consummate professional, a legal virtuoso, and, above all, a true advocate for justice. If you're looking for a lawyer who will go above and beyond to protect your rights and interests, Maurice Lasry is someone you can trust. Thank you, Maurice, for your exceptional service!

stephane Tremblay: Me Lasry is a very competent lawyer who is truly committed to defending the interests of his clients.His valuable advice allowed me to negotiate a top-notch agreement that would not have been possible without his help.Thank you Mr LasryStephane

A A: Mr.Lasry is a highly skilled and professional attorney with a strong knowledge of Quebec employment law. His plan of action was well documented and he does a ton of research. He always documents and follows up in a timely manner. Furthermore, he has a keen ability to articulate laws into plain language and provides real-life situations as to where they would apply. I would recommend him to anyone with pre or post employment or contractual concerns.

Joseph Tuccinardi: Me Maurice Lasry is an outstanding attorney and mediator. Extemely knowledgeable, experienced, effective, and professional with matters pertaining to labor disputes, especially wrongful dismissal cases. I recommend him highly.

Danica Virginia Meredith: Maurice has natural empathy, which helped me and my client enormously. He is focused on a fair and healthy outcome and backs up his care with solid knowledge of the law. highly recommend

Ștefan ZGÎRIECI: Incredible approach and professionalism.

soeleman hassan: Great lawyer. Very Shrewd & Wise Consultation. Best Bang for your bucks

Abhishak Chandel: Very professional and caring not like many attorneys who squeeze you for financial gain instead he values justice which is what I got. Definitely recommend.

Mahsa A Tabrizi: A fair, knowledgeable and very experienced employment lawyer who cares about you and your case. Reasonable fees, yet very generous with the time he spends on your case. If I need a lawyer again, I will definitely call him back and I highly recommend him to whoever is looking for a great lawyer.

Lisa Forson: Maurice Lasry is an amazing lawyer! he really help me fight my entire case. He is very professional and very understanding. i highly recommend him. Thank you for your help Maurice.LF

Levon Musterer: Mr Lasry was fantastic. The help he provided was extremely useful and helped me greatly in my situation. His fees are also very reasonable and if I am ever in need of a lawyer again I'll be calling back. It's also pretty apparent that he's also a genuinely decent person who cares about his clients.

Albinna Abitan: Mr. Lasry is a thorough and knowledgeable attorney with a deep understanding of all aspects of employment law. His advice was invaluable and his persistence admirable. I highly recommend him.

Jennifer Wood: Highly professional. Excellent counsel provided for employment related issues. Friendly, helpful and knowledgeable as well.

A B: Incredibly helpful. I had a time sensitive case and needed some legal advice on employment law as soon as possible. I sent Maurice an email Friday afternoon and he got back to me the same evening and fit me in for a consultation the next business day. He was respectful and listened to my entire case then gave me some great advice. I was able to call him during mediation for additional advice and meet him the following day to review the details of my settlement. He helped make a stressful and unpleasant situation more comfortable by translating the legal jargon and giving me the peace of mind that I was making a good deal.

20. Veronica Vallelonga, Family and Divorce Lawyer - Vieux-Montréal

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· 91 reviews

10 Notre-Dame St. East #600, Montreal, Quebec H2Y 1B7, Canada

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